Older Adults Complex Care

Our Older Adult Services are specifically designed for older service users with enduring mental health issues that may have behaviours that challenge and co-morbid physical health and frailty.

Skilled staff trained in working with older people in appropriate environments capable of looking after service users with a variety of physical needs. 
Provide opportunities for service users to develop skills and new skills in a therapeutic environment working with community and local support groups
Our services allow patients to move on to less supported accommodation over medium to longer term or if required we can provide a caring and loving home for life.


50% reduction in incidences in last 12 months
22% reduction in 1-1 nursing over the past 6 months
94% of patients have rated that quality of care received as being excellent* (previous year outcomes from Hemel Hempstead Hospital)

This service is available at:

Priory Hospital Hemel Hempstead
Priory Hospital Bristol – Bristol
Priory Hospital Heathfield – East Sussex

If you have a question about our Older Adults services, call us on 0207 605 0926