Priory Healthcare understands the ever increasing and complex behaviours associated with Dementia.

Therefore we provide the highest quality, person-centred service for those who require expert care in the most appropriate environments, suited to individual needs.

We ensure a seamless care pathway is provided, to meet the needs of Dementia patients who may have additional behaviours that challenge and we continually reinvest in our service and our teams, to sustain our high quality of care.

Many current care pathways for dementia patients who have additional behaviours that challenge, and or risky behaviours, don’t provide the right and timely support for their specific needs – and often in unsuitable environments. Through a Clinical Lead for Dementia, continuous reinvestment in services and individually skilled site-by-site dementia teams, we ensure that our services are fundamentally centred on each patient’s individual needs.

Priory Healthcare recognises that high quality services for adults must meet the needs of an ageing population with increasingly complex and unpredictable presentations. Whilst most will not require inpatient services, we are there for those that do.

We offer a full pathway for adults with:

  • Dementia, including Korsakoff’s, Parkinson’s, Huntingdon’s and Alzheimer’s
  • Additional health needs, including service users with: enduring mental health issues that may have behaviours that challenge, and comorbid physical health and frailty
  • Young-onset dementia

A safe and stimulating inpatient experience is provided through our ethos of compassionate care and positive behaviour support strategy. We understand the effects Dementia can have and all staff are trained and regularly supervised in the delivery of person-centred care that incorporates positive behaviour support.

We also understand that when people’s cognitive abilities decrease, the impact on that person’s individuality can be profound, so staff are trained to work with the individual to re-connect with their sense of self. Effective communication and understanding of the needs and preferences of each individual service user is an essential component of our commitment to high quality Dementia care.

Supplementing our 28-day multi-disciplinary team assessment offering, our services can offer support for a short period during a diagnostic phase or during a rapidly progressing illness. This ensures that an ongoing care plan is in place to keep patients safe, fully address crisis and prevent deterioration in health and wellbeing.

Download the Rehabilitation and recovery services brochure now.

Priory Healthcare is well-placed to support individuals with dementia who require assessment and tests in a hospital environment with more medical, nursing and clinical teams, who are detained under the mental health act for their own safety, or who need more intensive assistance.

We also offer residential and nursing care homes through our Priory Adult Care services, for older adults who have a diagnosis of dementia, but who don’t require the additional support outlined above. To find out more about Priory Adult Care’s dementia services, please click here.

For further information on the full range of our services, please call: 0845 277 4679. For professionals looking to make a referral, please click here.