Adult Eating Disorder Treatment

Priory Healthcare is the UK's largest independent provider of eating disorder treatment services. Our nationwide network of hospitals enables us to deliver over a third of the UK’s inpatient eating disorders services. We pride ourselves on off­ering quality, personalised help for eating disorders for every service user in our care.

Eating disorders are treatable and over the years we have helped thousands of people move towards recovery and to lead more fulfilling lives.

Help for eating disorders at Priory Group

Our care and treatment addresses both the physical consequences of the service user's eating disorder, as well as the related underlying psychological and social factors.

We recognise the importance of an individualised care pathway designed to provide a safe but supportive and structured environment, tailored to the differing needs and experiences of each service user.

Our eating disorder treatment outcomes

  • 93% of adult EDU service users with anorexia gained weight on discharge*
  • Adult EDU service users with anorexia increased their BMI by 2.8 on discharge*
  • The proportion of adult EDU service users with anorexia and a healthy BMI of between 18.5 and 24.9, increased by more than 3 times on discharge compared to admission*
  • 83% of service users demonstrated an improvement upon discharge from therapy*

*Between October ’14 and September ’15

Our eating disorder services at a glance

  • Providing eating disorders services since 1985
  • Eating Disorders course accredited by the University of Brighton since 2009
  • Large network of eating disorders facilities across the UK
  • Strong leadership from consultants experienced in managing complex service users with eating disorders
  • Participation in national clinical quality forums in order to keep services at the forefront of emerging treatment in eating disorders
  • Safe and supportive environments
  • Service line network leading on quality in service delivery and training across all services
  • Comprehensive multidisciplinary teams with expertise in treating eating disorders
  • Provision of evidence-based treatments
  • Access to wide range of therapeutic interventions
  • Treatment tailored to individual needs

Who do we offer eating disorder support to?

We have the ability to treat a constantly evolving group of higher acuity service users. We offer eating disorders treatment to those who meet the following criteria:

  • Males and females
  • Aged 18 and above*
  • Primary diagnosis of an eating disorder
  • May present with an eating disorder that is too high risk, complex, severe or persistent to be managed safely within a community setting
  • Service users who may have a high physical/psychiatric risk
  • Service users who may have co-morbid conditions
  • May be admitted informally or under the Mental Health Act
  • May have dual diagnosis or complex needs

*Priory Healthcare also provides a Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders service

How to access our eating disorder clinics

We accept referrals from a variety of public sector and independent organisations throughout the UK. These include:

  • NHS provider trusts gatekeeping
  • Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) 
  • NHS England specialised mental health case managers 
  • Community mental health teams
  • Psychiatric hospitals
  • Acute hospitals

All of our hospitals have specific admission criteria relevant to the service and support that they offer. Same day admission can be facilitated and we can assist in transferring the service user if required. We are able to accept referrals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Urgent or out-of-hours appointments and admissions can be arranged immediately by telephoning the appropriate hospital directly.

Please note, unfortunately we are unable to take self-referrals for NHS services. For treatment to be funded through the NHS, this will need to be discussed with your GP or, if you have one, your care coordinator.

For further information on the full range of our services, please call: 0800 840 3219. For professionals looking to make a referral, please click hereTo view current bed availability, please click here.

91% of service users treated for an eating disorder at the Priory gained weight.

Priory Healthcare Quality Account | 2012-2013