Priory Events

27 Mar

The Priory Hospital North London - Evening Seminar on CBT in Primary Care

19:00 PM  to  21:00 PM

Groveland's House,

The Bourne

Southgate, London

N14 6RA

Contact name: Nick Collins

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"CBT in Primary Care"
Dr Marc Serfaty, Consultant Psychiatrist, the Priory Hospital North London and a Priory CBT Therapist

Depression and anxiety are some of the most commonly presenting conditions in Primary Care. Cognitive behavioural therapy is an establised treatment recommended by NICE for treating both anxiety and depression. This evening will aim to:

  • Provide you with a description of cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Cover a number of treatment strategies that may be used in Primary Care
  • Provide the opportunity to discuss any potential cases you may have in Primary Care situations that may benefit from cognitive behavioural methods