Priory Events

18 Apr

The Priory Hospital North London - Evening Seminar on Patient Care

19:00 PM  to  21:00 PM

Groveland's House

The Bourne,

Southgate, London

N14 6RA

Contact name: Nick Collins

Contact email:

"Psychiatric Question Time - patient care and what this means to us"

Presented by:
Dr Claudia Bernat, Consultant Psychiatrist, the Priory Hospital North London
Alex Blatch, Hospital Director
Ann Gunn Moe Levete, Therapy Services Manager
A nurse clinician - TBC

With the profession under ever increasing scrutiny and many hospitals hitting the headlines recently regarding their patient care, what do we believe patient care should consist of and what does it mean to us?

To be presented in the style of 'Question Time' in which you can pose questions directly at out consultants and staff at the Priory Hospital North London. Questions can be emailed/faxed or phoned through.