Priory Events

23 Apr

Alcohol: The Good. The Bad and the ugly truth of the effects of alcohol

19:00 PM  to  20:30 PM

Priory Lane


SW15 5JJ


Contact name: Nick Hazell

Contact email:

Contact telephone: 07827 850341

Contact mobile: 07827 850341

Presented by Therapists from the Priory Hospital Roehampton. Alcohol is a drug that for the most part seems to be socially acceptable. It’s used to celebrate and commiserate experiences in life.  What happens when one is too many and a thousand not enough?  What happens when the party ends?

To coincide with the Yearly ‘Alcohol Awareness Month’, Priory Hospital Roehampton Therapists will be discussing in depth alcohol and the effects of it. This is an update to previous talks. Food will be available from 19:00 with the presentation beginning at 19:30 for 1 hour plus questions.

Who should attend?

The seminar is for GPs and Health Professionals only, any members of the public wishing to attend can still receive a copy of the talks and further information upon request.

If you wish to confirm please contact Nick Hazell on: 07827 850 341 or email on