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05 Mar

What you need to know about insomnia and hypnotic use in general practice

19:00 PM

Priory Hospital Roehampton

Priory Lane, Roehampton

SW15 5JJ


Contact name: Nick Hazell

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Contact mobile: 07827 850341

Insomnia is a very common complaint in general practice and GPs are often under enormous pressure to prescribe hypnotic medication which frequently leads to long-term use. A recent nationwide sleep survey revealed that around 42% of people on sleeping pills had had sleep problems for more than a decade and yet it is clear to most clinicians that hypnotics are not effective in solving sleep problems, especially those that are long term. There is a growing body of evidence that non-pharmacological approaches, if robustly practised,  are equally if not more effective than the use of medications for sleep.

To coincide with National Sleep Awareness Week, Dr Natasha Bijlani will present a summary of the management of insomnia in general practice and provide suggestions for lifestyle changes and simple psychological strategies that can be advised and managed in the general practice setting. She will also provide an update on recommended pharmacological choices. She will include some advice on managing insomnia in pregnancy and end her talk with two case histories.

Who should attend?

The seminar is for GPs and Health Professionals only, any members of the public wishing to attend can still receive a copy of the talks and further information upon request.

If you wish to confirm please contact Nick Hazell on: 07827 850 341 or email on