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25 Feb

Adults with ADHD: Mythical Creatures or Patients in Need?

19:00 PM  to  20:45 PM

The Priory Hospital Hayes Grove



Bromley, Kent

Contact name: Nick Hazell

Contact email:

Contact mobile: 07827 850 341

How do you feel when patients ask you about ADHD in adults? Are you comfortable diagnosing and treating them or do you tell them it's all in their mind? Dr Max Zöttl runs an Adult ADHD Clinic at the Priory Canterbury. His talk will be an opportunity to learn about the concepts and pathophysiology, the clinical presentation and diagnostic and therapeutic options, so next time you'll know what to do and where to get help.


Priory Hospital Hayes Grove
Tuesday 25th of Feb
9:00 for food
9:30 Presentation
20:30-20:45 finish.

The seminar is for GPs and Health Professionals only, any members of the public wishing to attend can still receive a copy of the talks and further information upon request.

If you wish to confirm please contact Nick Hazell on: 07827 850 341 or email on