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18 Jun

Doctor, I’m pregnant ‘ - Seminar for GPs on treatment of perinatal mental health problems

19:30 PM  to  20:30 PM

Prestons Road




Contact name: Nick Hazell

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Contact mobile: 07827 850 341

Perinatal mental health seems to be more present in the minds of policy makers than ever before. However, the reality of every day practice is such that there is still much confusion about how to treat pregnant and breastfeeding women, as the evidence base is growing slowly, and there are, at times, sudden turns in practice following publications.

This interactive session will help GPs to familiarise themselves with the current guidelines and best practice. The organisation of perinatal mental health services as proposed by NICE will be briefly addressed, as well.

Who should attend

The seminar is for GPs and Health Professionals only, any members of the public wishing to attend can still receive a copy of the talks and further information upon request.

Agnieszka Klimowicz
Priory Hospital Hayes Grove
7pm for food
7:30pm Presentation
8:30pm end

If you wish to confirm please contact Nick Hazell on: 07827 850 341 or email on