Priory Events

09 Mar

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)

19:00 PM  to  20:45 PM

The Priory Hospital Hayes Grove

Prestons Road, Hayes

Bromley, Kent


Contact name: Nick hazell

Contact email:

Contact mobile: 07827 850 341

The purpose of the presentation is to shed some light into the efficiency and clinical applications of EMDR therapy supported by research findings and through the use of case studies.

References to neurobiological aspects of EMDR treatment will also be made. EMDR is an integrative approach to psychotherapy guided by Shapiro’s Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) model, which stated that within each person is an inherent information processing system whose purpose is to transform, integrate and transmute disturbing life experiences to a healthy adaptive resolution. 

EMDR is believed to activate this inherent information system and keep it active long enough to do its healing work. EMDR is highly recognised by the clinical community and by the NICE guidelines as well as by the WHO (World Health Organisation) as a preferred treatment for PTSD and there is a scope to be used beyond PTSD. The use of EMDR is quite common across the IAPT services. 


Nicola Rose: Counselling Psychologist, DBT Psychotherapist

Christos Papalekas: CBT/REBT/EMDR Psychotherapist