Priory Events

21 Jun

Treating depression with medication

19:00 PM  to  21:00 PM

Prestons Road


Bromley, Kent


Treating depression with medication – what to do when Citalopram isn’t helping.

Dr Jeremy Broadhead, Consultant Psychiatrist

Priory Hospital Hayes Grove

Tuesday the 21st of June 2016

19:00-19:30 Arrival and food

19:30 - Seminar begins

20:30-21:00 Seminar Ends

There are new ways of thinking about depression and its response, or lack of response, to medications. Cognitive impairments are part of the depressive process and have been relatively ignored compared with mood changes. However, they are as much a part of the clinical picture and are responsible for most ongoing functional impairment. What can be done to help?  It is now thought that between 15 and 50% of those identified depressed have bipolar spectrum disorders, for which antidepressants aren’t advisable. There have been two revisions of influential depression treatment guidelines in 2015. This talk gives an update on all these perspectives and is aimed to give practical ways forward for helping the patients in our surgeries and clinics.