Priory Events

12 Oct

Adolescent drug use: Why GPs and parents should have the 'drug conversation'

07:15 AM  to  08:30 AM

The Sloane Club

52 Lower Sloane Street



Dr Bowden-Jones will look to discuss the common issue of drugs use in young people and how best to approach this with them. Questions to answer will include:

  • How common is drug use in young people?
  • Why are adolescents more at risk of using drugs and subsequently of experiencing harm?
  • What can parents do about adolescent drug use?
  • What signs and symptoms should a GP look out for?
  • What are the so-called 'legal highs'?
  • Understanding internet purchasing of illicit and prescription only medication
  • What should a GP tell the parents of an adolescent drug user?
  • When should a GP refer for specialist help?

About me

I am a consultant psychiatrist will over 20 years experience in general and substance misuse psychiatry in both NHS and private practice. In 2010 I founded the Club Drug Clinic, offering treatment specifically for those using 'club' drugs such as cocaine, ketamine, MDMA, GHB/GBL and novel psychoactive substances. My other roles include national clinical adviser to Public Health England and Associate Registrar at the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

In 2016, the Royal College of Psychiatrists published my first book, 'The Drug Conversation'. Written for parents and health professionals to support them in managing adolescent drug use, the book is an easily accessible, practical guide to the latest evidence including numerous clinical examples and plenty of useful advice. For more information, please visit:

To attend this seminar please email or contact him on 07827 850 341