Education at Highbank: Be part of the debate!

The Priory Highbank Centre, Bury would like to invite you to our educational day on Wednesday 21st October 2015.

This interactive session will debate the placement of people with complex neurological disability for thePriory Highbank Centre longer term using the BSRM (2013) “Specialist nursing home care for people with complex neurological disability: guidance to best practice” as the basis for the debate.

The event will take the form of a debate which will be held in the seminar room at 1:30pm:

House one: “This house believes people with complex neurological disability must be placed in a specialist nursing home”

House two: “This house believes people with complex neurological disability can be placed in any care home setting"

The lead for each house will present for 30 minutes on their case stating the reasoning behind their proposal, including case studies and other supporting arguments as appropriate. Once presented, there will be a wider discussion on the points raised and an opportunity to share your views.

Lunch will be provided between 12:30pm-13:30pm and we will be offering transport for all of those interested in viewing our specialist complex neurological disability service at the Elton Unit. If you would like to do this, please request it when you reserve your place.

Reserve your place today

To reserve your place, please call Kate Hall on 01706 283 304 or email