The Elton Unit

Priory Highbank CentreThe Elton Unit follows The BSRM guidelines (British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine 2013) in order to provide the best possible support to all service users. The unit is registered to care for adults aged 18 years and over with the most profound complex needs and the use of The BSRM guidelines ensures the highest standards of care and safety to those individuals.

These guidelines focus on the management of younger adults in private institutions. It sets out guidance around slow stream rehabilitation, complex disability management and palliative care, explaining the facilities and protocols required to manage this patient group.  The guidelines also provide a matrix whereby commissioners can make an appraisal of the services offered at a home, to enable an informed decision on placements to be made.

Since the establishment of trauma networks, the requirements of services for people with complex neuro-disability has advanced and continues to do so, taking a large share of health care funding. It is imperative therefore that services for this patient group are still able to continually meet the requirements of those with the most complex of needs.

The Elton Unit is a Level 1 (Highly Specialist Nursing Home), primarily managing patients that are Category A (highly complex physical disability). It manages people with complex neuro-disability requiring:
• Slow stream rehabilitation
• Complex disability management
• Palliative care of severely impaired neurological patients

The Elton Unit has the advantage of being related to the Priory Highbank Centre rehabilitation services. This means it can access their expert interdisciplinary team without delay, when necessary.
During the CQC inspection in 2015 where Elton was rated as ‘Good’ overall and ‘Outstanding’ for safety, the inspectors commented:

“We found people were cared for by sufficient numbers of suitably skilled and experienced staff who were safely recruited…Staff received the essential training and support necessary to enable them to do their job effectively and care for people safely. The staff we spoke with had an in depth knowledge of the care and support the people who used the service required.”

The Elton Unit has high staffing levels and the use of bespoke training packages ensures staff members remain competent in BSRM guidelines and managing this complex patient group successfully.

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