Spotlight on Lynne House children’s unit - providing unique services for children with complex disability

The Priory Centre Highbank Children’s Unit, Lynne House, provides intensive interdisciplinary assessment, treatment and support for children from birth, who have acquired brain injuries or complex neurological conditions.

The nursing-led team provides individualised programmes, working closely with the interdisciplinaryHighbank Lynne House therapy team, in a residential setting. The team are efficient at managing tracheostomy care and long term mechanical ventilation under the supervision of a Consultant Paediatric Intensivist. The team are skilled at managing looked after children and children who have been made a ward of the court.

We adopt a family-centered philosophy of care and recognize that a relaxed, friendly environment is vital for children to achieve their potential. Families and carers are actively encouraged to participate in the decision making process during the rehabilitation of their child.

Family are free to visit at any time and home visits are also encouraged along with integration into local schools. Social and recreational activities include trips to the cinema, DVD nights, days out, cooking, gardening and arts and crafts. Activities are tailored for each individual patient.

How to make a referral

Referrals are accepted from all NHS services including ITU, Trauma Units, adult and children wards, local authorities, private medical insurers and solicitors. The onsite team will be happy to discuss funding options and arrangements. Admission is following a comprehensive assessment by the interdisciplinary team and subject to agreement by the relevant funding authority.

To make a referral or for enquiries and further information, please call us on 01706 283 304 or email