Postural Management and Positioning at Highbank

Postural Management is a multidisciplinary approach that assists individuals in improving and enhancing their postural difficulties and everyday functionality. The Priory Highbank Centre offers a Posture Management programme that ensures all our service users receive the best possible care to optimise their chances of returning to a more positive way of life.

It is our main aim to make the lives of our service users the most comfortable and relaxed as possible. Expert Posture Management and Positioning is provided by our Physiotherapists to ensure our service users can move as freely as possible, with as much independent mobility as they can achieve.

All new admissions into The Priory Highbank Centre are assessed for their baseline levels of ability to move independently, be passively moved and the range of movement available. From this assessment each service user that is unable to move independently receives a 24 hour per day Postural Management programme designed to meet their individual needs. This involves regular position changes in bed, with guidelines produced in order to maximise a consistent approach. Our staff are expertly trained in Positioning along with Manual Handling to ensure the best possible care is provided at all times.

The benefits of Postural Management include:

  • Pressure area care
  • Maintaining joints and muscles at optimum available range
  • Preventing secondary respiratory complications
  • Encourages interaction with the local environment
  • Skin integrity

The positive difference we can make

Few, if any of our service users arrive with a wheelchair or suitable form of seating and many have not been away from the Unit on which they were nursed, until they come to us. Individuals often have an acquired brain injury which has resulted in a long period of time on an intensive care unit, usually ventilated, where the emphasis for the medical staff is to preserve life.

Many have been nursed on pressure-relieving mattresses and due to their level of illness, Posture Management has not always taken place.  Therefore, upon arrival at The Priory Highbank Centre, many will have long-standing deformities such as flexed upper limbs (especially hands), and feet which turn in greatly and are impossible to get to the position on which to stand.

Our programme generally involves the service user getting out of bed twice per day therefore it is they have suitable seating. In order to promote a better quality of life and a person’s right to a family life, appropriate seating provision is essential.  That is why our Physiotherapists work closely with wheelchair services from either the referring locality or with our local service funded by the referring locality, to ensure the correct equipment is provided. 

Without this supportive chair our service users would be unable to have access to rooms and space outside their own bedroom, would not be able to be transported out into the wider community, have occasional visits to their former home environment and have the ability to integrate fully into their family life. 

Our therapists work closely with our providers of seating to make the best match for the individual. At The Priory Highbank Centre, we understand that each service user is different – some may have less control of their trunk or head; some require seating that tilts in space; some may require adaptations such as headrests, lateral support or specialist footplates – we believe that every service user is ‘seatable’ and to exclude them from this ability is to place severe restrictions upon them.

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