Sarah is a Registered Manager for The Elton Unit who qualified from Bolton School of Nursing in 1992. She began her career in Renal Surgery and Medicine, joining The Priory Highbank Centre as a Junior Staff Nurse on the acute rehabilitation unit three years later.

In 2003, Sarah returned to The Priory Highbank Centre as a Senior Nurse on the Walmersley unit, having gained two more years of experience with the NHS working for patients requiring neuro-rehabilitation.

In 2005, Sarah became Unit Manager and Registered Manager for the Elton Unit. Her passion lies within long-term care of patients with complex disability, which makes her a great fit for her role.

“…ensuring our patients’ quality of life is as ‘normal’ as possible, is what the Elton Unit strives to achieve. We always see the individual patient and their personality first, rather than the disability and the unit works to a ‘social model’”.

Under Sarah’s leadership a staff engagement project took place on the Elton Unit and the following observations were made:

  • There is a high quality of care to all clients and their rights are respected
  • By delivering good care life expectancy of service users is extended 
  • Service users are acknowledged as ‘normal’ human beings
  • The team really care about what they do and about the care they give
  • All clients are happy and well cared for, the staff make the Elton Unit feel like one big family and provide a homely feel for service users, families and staff alike
  • Loyalty to service users is second to none

The patient and relative satisfaction survey demonstrated that the staff respect the privacy and dignity of people within their care. A relative commented:

“I would never want (name) to be moved from the Elton Unit. I know he's happy there and the staff are great with him. I feel content knowing he's safe, and looked after with such care, consideration and dignity.”

Overall the Elton Unit is an excellent service, provided by expert and competent staff just like Sarah, to those with complex neuro-disabilities.

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