Our addictions services make it quick and easy to access the right treatment. Priory’s private addiction services are chosen by over 1200 people every year who are looking for the best quality support to beat an addiction.

Priory’s national network of established addiction centres offers discrete treatment from the country’s leading consultants and therapists. We support individuals, along with their friends and families throughout every stage of their journey to recovery, and have an unrivalled track record in turning lives around.

We provide confidential treatment for all forms of addiction, including:

  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Cannabis
  • Legal highs
  • Heroin & other opiates
  • Prescription drugs
  • Gambling
  • Shopping
  • Compulsive spending
  • Internet

priory international addictionsPriory is trusted internationally as the leading provider of effective treatment for addictions. Everyone in our care receives a personalised treatment programme from Priory’s expert team, made up of the best consultants and therapists in their field.

Our services offer the full range of support required to treat addictions effectively. This includes one-to-one or group therapy sessions, flexible day care programmes and intensive inpatient treatment, including detox if required, at any one of our nationwide centres.

No matter what the level of complexity or severity, our experts work with you in safe, discrete and therapeutic environments to tackle the causes of addiction and maximise recovery.

Depending on the nature of the addiction, the first step of treatment is often to safely manage any associated physical symptoms. Priory’s hospital environments are perfectly suited to delivering medical detoxifications, with a full team of doctors and specialist staff on hand to help during this critical time. We offer one-to-one support, with constant observation and care for people as and when they require it.

Our personalised addiction treatment programmes combine personalised and group therapy sessions with rehabilitation-focused workshops and creative classes.

A range of holistic activities are also available to improve physical wellbeing.

Priory sets the standard for addictions treatment in the UK, offering fast access to leading addictions consultants and therapists. We have treated more than 20,000 people with varying forms of addiction meaning that no matter what the challenge, we can help.

Our track record of supporting people through their addiction back to leading fulfilling lives is highlighted by a long list of service advocates. To find out more and hear from people we have helped, simply visit the Priory blog.

With fast, convenient and confidential access to the highest quality support, Priory is the UK's leading treatment partner for people expecting the best results.

Call our confidential international enquiry line to discuss your healthcare requirements on 0203 092 8821.