Priory hospitals deliver personalised and quality-driven treatment for every young person within our nationwide network of dedicated Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).

Our priority is to deliver a safe and sustainable recovery for the young person within the least restrictive environment possible, which in turn facilitates their improved resilience and long-term emotional wellbeing.

In order to ensure that the young person’s stay with us is as comfortable and productive as possible, we offer advice and support throughout treatment to the family or carers of the young person. We also work closely with relevant reffering healthcare professionals to provide a stable and safe environment for the young person as part of a seamlessly integrated international care pathway.

Priory CAMHS services include treatment for:

  • Psychoses
  • Eating disorders
  • Affective disorders
  • Developmental disorders
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Anxiety and emotional disorders
  • Self-harm and emotional regulation disorders
  • Primary diagnosis of mental illness with mild to moderate learning difficulties

During the young person’s stay

We understand that admission into any inpatient facility can be a daunting time for a young person and their loved ones.

Priory hospitals provide a homely environment in which the individual is encouraged to personalise their bedroom and make use of the facilities and outdoor recreational areas that are available exclusively for their use.

priory international child mental healthOur treatment programmes are not just focused on improving the mental wellbeing of the young person. In addition to creative and therapeutic treatment programmes, we also aim to deliver a holistic service that considers the physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social needs of the young person.

Our teachers and clinical teams offer comprehensive educational programmes and meaningful vocational training courses, tailored to the children’s needs and abilities. We also provide regular access to local community leisure facilities and actively promote the safety of our younger patients within the context of the least restrictive environment possible.

Family and carer support

We understand that every young person requires continual support, both during their treatment programme and in the recovery period beyond. We provide discreet facilities where the young person is able to spend time with their family, and maintain regular contact with families and carers throughout treatment to provide advice and support in specialised family and carer therapy programmes and support groups.

Protecting and safeguarding our patients

The Priory Group is committed to protecting all our patients and ensuring safeguarding best practice is followed at all times. We strive to maintain a transparent and open culture where everyone feels safe and able to share any issues. Concerns relating to safeguarding are always listened to and taken seriously, and we work in partnership with the relevant agencies across our full range of services.

The Group has robust national and local structures in place to manage safeguarding, and our clear policies and procedures are supported by the delivery of high quality safeguarding training for all staff.

Call our confidential international enquiry line to discuss your healthcare requirements on 0203 092 8821.