Neurodevelopmental including Autism and Learning Disabilities

Priory offers specialist services for individuals with autism and comorbid health problems through inpatient sites at Priory Hospital Aberdare, the Keston Unit at Priory Hospital Hayes Grove and Recovery First in Widnes.

Our experienced teams work with individuals that would benefit from programmes which:

  • Holistically seek to support and correct comorbid mental ill health
  • Incorporate positive behaviour support to reduce incidences of aggression and agitation

Our experts in positive behaviour support are nationally recognised, and our current team includes the

PROACT-SCIPr-UK® Instructor of the Year 2014. Priory is also a member of the UK Department of Health Positive & Safe Champions’ Network-working to reduce restrictive practices.

Priory’s activity programmes and care plans are built around individuals’ abilities and tolerance to stress, and focus on improving daily activities, living skills, community integration and mental and physical wellbeing. We understand that some people may face difficulties in understanding information, learning new skills or coping with everyday life. We therefore adopt positive behaviour methods which aim to ‘support and correct’. This may include improving communication, undertaking pharmacology reviews, minimising use of medications and stabilising each individual’s placement.

For individuals with autism, Priory understands that our service must get the clinical environment right. In addition, people with a primary diagnosis of learning disability or autism require therapeutic interventions to be communicated in a manner that is sensitive to their individual needs, whilst maintaining awareness of any comorbid conditions.


Through our services at The Priory Highbank Centre, Bury and Priory Mount Eveswell, Newport, Priory provides leading person-centred neuro-rehabilitation programmes that are bespoke to the severity and complexity of a person’s particular neuro-disability – such as Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) or neuro-degenerative conditions such as Motor Neurone Disease, or Multiple Sclerosis.

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