I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Mark College especially to Ms. Polly and her fabulous team in assisting me in completing all formalities for my son, Mohammed’s admission. As a mother, especially coming from the Middle East, I am truly moved by the tremendous support provided to me.

It has been just a year since my son has joined the college and I see remarkable progress in his development - which is exhibited in his actions. The positive progress in my son would not have been possible without the help and support of your esteemed college and the wonderful team. No words are enough to express my gratitude - THANK YOU!

The education system of your college including the boarding school concept is new to us and I am truly impressed by its returns - I truly see a big difference in my son.

Mother of a student

It’s brilliant here, I really love it and when I came here I had no future, no hope. Now I do.

Year 8 pupil

You get lots of help in lessons from the staff - my favourite subjects are PE, Geography and History. I love learning about maps and different places.

Year 9 pupil

During the daytime there are always tutors available to help me when I am at lessons. My education tutor will always keep an eye on my work and what I have to do, so that I do not get left behind.

My tutor will write my reports to send to my family. They will also contact my family if they need to talk to them. I have always got someone to ask if I have any questions, everyone looks after me.

I am pushed to do things for myself as it is very important. It is good to come here as you learn more and make good progress with your work, you get to a more advanced level."

Sixth form student