We focus on ensuring the best possible academic and social outcomes for every pupil in our schools and colleges. With the right support, we enable young people to make informed choices about their daily life, resulting in positive outcomes for each young person.

Our successful education and care outcomes demonstrate our ongoing commitment to achieving high standards. These are constantly monitored to maintain excellence across education and care, thus promoting success, self-knowledge, self-esteem and confidence in our pupils.

Recent outcomes include:

93% of our residential young people took part in clubs or social groups in the community

97% of young people with autism felt that staff helped them to learn, and supported them in their work

98% of our young people are engaged in age-appropriate independence programmes

100% of year 9 pupils and above are actively involved in transition planning at a level reflecting their ability

100% of year 11 students entered for GCSEs achieved one or more grades A* to G