Our aims and purpose

We are the largest independent provider of mental health, specialist care and specialist education services in the United Kingdom by number of beds, focusing on the provision of acute psychiatry, complex care, specialist education and elderly care. We are also one of the top three independent providers of secure and rehabilitation services in the United Kingdom by number of beds.

On 14 April 2011 we acquired the Craegmoor Group which consisted of 3,618 available beds; as of 30 June 2011. We now have over 300 facilities and 7,121 available beds (6,902 excluding supported living rental beds) located throughout the United Kingdom.

We are passionate about providing the highest standards of care and education in safe, positive and flexible environments that enable each patient, resident and student to achieve their maximum potential. 

We aim to become a world-class public service organisation delivering innovative, collaborative and value for money services. We are committed to providing our employees with a fulfilling working environment and encouraging them in their personal and professional development. 

Our ultimate purpose is to work with our patients, residents, students, and their families and friends, to enable them to take control of their lives.

Our approach

Our highly skilled, multi-disciplinary teams assess each individual's needs and develop a tailored programme of activities and therapies that allows them to move along their care pathway and meet their treatment goals. 

Patients' individual care pathways are constantly reviewed and therapeutic care and medical inputs adapted to ensure that treatment is relevant and appropriate in order for them to either return to the community or take a suitable long-term placement. 

We pride ourselves on providing our clients and funders with complete transparency and the highest standards of care through our rigorous clinical governance and review procedures which take place throughout the patient's treatment programme. 

Collaboration is the key to our success and we work in partnership with the NHS to develop new services to meet the changing needs of both the referrer and patient. 

PricewaterhouseCoopers review of the Priory Group

We recently commissioned PwC to undertake an independent review of the Group's quality assurance and governance arrangements.  The Board felt it was important to obtain an independent view on how our current approach to ensuring that the services we provide are of a consistently high standard compared to current best practice.   PwC have undertaken a comprehensive review which considered the quality assurance systems, processes and structures in place across all services and at corporate level.   As part of the review, PwC visited a number of Priory sites to meet our staff and to observe for themselves how the quality of our services is monitored at site level.

The Board received the findings and recommendations from this review during April 2012. The review identified a number of areas of good practice across our divisions and in respect of the operation of our Compliance and Quality teams.  The PwC report also identified a number of areas requiring further development in order for the Group to demonstrate that is has in place effective systems for managing quality and safety, and made a number of recommendations aimed at enhancing our existing quality assurance and governance arrangements.

The Board has accepted in full the findings of the review and we have established a dedicated project team, overseen by the Chief Executive, which will implement all of PwC's recommendations, including the development of a comprehensive Priory Group Quality Strategy.

The Board believes that the implementation of the PwC recommendations will further enhance the quality of the care we provide to our patients and pupils, and will make us the highest quality independent provider of mental health, specialist care and specialist education services.

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