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Newbury Manor School is a specialist school for 30 young people who have autistic spectrum disorders (ASD). Our tailored approach means we are able to support young people with a wide range of needs, from those who are broadly average in their ability to others, who have more severe learning difficulties.

We accept that young people who are referred to us may have previously experienced a ‘cycle of failure’ and our aim is to have a transformational impact on their lives by through experiencing our ‘culture of success.’ We support all young people to achieve successful adult outcomes so that they can lead fulfilling and rewarding lives. 

Flexible support packages

We support young people between 7 and 19 years of age and offer a flexible range of packages including:

  • Day, weekly/termly boarding and 52 week provision
  • Full and part time
  • A broad and balanced curriculum, tailored to individual need
  • A wide range of accreditation 
  • A focus on holistic outcomes for every young person 
  • Direct or indirect therapeutic input
  • Carefully planned transition, including re-integration to mainstream / maintained provision, where appropriate
  • Outreach and advisory support

We are purposefully small so that we can offer highly bespoke packages of education, care and therapy for our young people. We strongly believe that some individuals will always struggle to ‘fit in’ to existing structures and will only thrive when their provision is tailored to their specific needs and circumstances. We warmly welcome our students into our community, which is underpinned by a culture of outstanding relationships, nurture and unconditional high regard

We take pride in the environment we can offer. The school is located in a beautiful, quiet, rural location in Somerset in a Georgian manor house, which has a range of outbuildings and extensive grounds. The nearby Bath Road Children’s Home, which provides residential options for our students, is newly renovated and offers excellent accommodation, specialist staff and opportunities to develop independent life skills.

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Our Services

Fees and Funding

Referrals & Admissions

Referrals and Admissions

We are a purposefully small school which enables us to offer highly bespoke packages of education, care and therapy for our young people. We strongly believe that some individuals will always struggle to ‘fit in’ to existing structures and will only thrive when their provision is tailored to their specific needs and circumstances. We warmly welcome our students into our community, which is underpinned by a culture of nurture and unconditional high regard. This approach underpins our admissions process.

Prior to placement at Newbury Manor School all young people and their parents / carers have the opportunity to come to the school for a visit. They may spend time in the classroom and / or within our residential area and also meet students and staff. Visits from commissioning officers are also strongly encouraged. 

In some cases the young person may not be able to attend the school for an assessment. In these cases, a member of staff will visit the young person and ensure the procedure occurs off site.

Our referrals co-ordinator oversees all visits, collates information from parents and the young person’s current or most recent placements. This information will be audited by the Senior Leadership Team with input from the wider staff team, as required.

All referrals are considered carefully to ensure that once a place it is offered, it is done on the basis of a strong understanding of the needs of the young person, their families / carers and their multi-professional team. Newbury Manor School will work closely with all stakeholders to ensure that there is agreement around the needs and outcomes in each case. Where a child or young person is considered for a residential placement, a detailed impact risk assessment will always be carried out. 

Newbury Manor School welcomes referrals from both local authorities and private fee paying parents.We have a Tier 4 license with the UK Visa and Immigration Authority, which allows us to consider referrals from outside of the EU.

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Our mission statement

‘To deliver specialist educational, vocational, therapeutic and care services for young people who have needs that are associated with a diagnosis on the autistic spectrum, and who have moderate to severe learning difficulties and associated complex needs.

Together we seek to inspire, enable, develop and support young people to achieve their full potential on their lifelong learning journey.’

Our aims

  • Ensure that each young person is safe and feels safe
  • Have a positive and transformational impact on the lives of each young person and their families
  • Bring an end to the ‘cycle of failure’ that many of our young people have experienced prior to attending our school; ensuring they experience our ‘culture of success’
  • Work in partnership with each child and young person, their families and / or carers and their wider multi professional team to create a consistent package of education, care and support
  • Offer a high level of flexibility so that each package is bespoke and meets individual need
  • Offer specialist teaching, care and therapeutic services within a fully integrated and multi-disciplinary staff team that leads to excellent outcomes for all
  • To provide the specialist resources and interventions that each young person requires to be successful
  • Prepare each of our students for a rewarding and fulfilling adult life; working on the factors that could limit their progress towards meeting this aim
  • To support our young people to recognise the broad range of beliefs and differences within our society within a spiritual, social, cultural and moral context; always with a view of supporting the development of fundamental British values
  • To provide opportunities for young people in our care to make informed choices which enhance the quality of their lives
  • To work collaboratively with parents / carers / advocates and placing authorities to ensure that the highest standard of service is provided at all times. 


We take pride in the environment we are able to offer. The school is located in a beautiful, quiet, rural location in Somerset in a Georgian manor house, which has a range of outbuildings and extensive grounds.

All the educational facilities are located within the grounds. There is a newly constructed classroom block with an Occupational Therapy room, cookery room and classrooms. All rooms are fully equipped with access to IT equipment.

Newbury Manor School has a range of specialist facilities including a sensory room, where students can work on their visual, tactile and auditory stimulation. We also have a sensory integration room, with suspended equipment. We have spaces which allow our students to develop their independent life skills in a simulated home environment within the safety of the school, before embedding these skills in the real world.

Our young people have access to a wide range of educational activities and experiences outside of the classroom. Our extensive grounds give opportunities to develop skills in horticulture, animal care and forest school activities. Away from our site, we have a range of partnerships in the community which allow our students to access activities such as horse riding, swimming, work experience and a range of outdoor pursuits.

We are proud to offer a range of on-site therapy for both the school and children’s home. Our highly experienced therapy team includes a Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Counsellor / Play Therapist and Educational Psychologist.

Our curriculum

We are proud to offer high quality, bespoke curriculum packages that meet individual requirements. When a new student starts at Newbury Manor, a brand new package is built around and with them, as we do not assume that they will fit into what already exists. Highly specialised teachers, therapists and support staff work together closely to create a seamless, integrated approach.

As part of the process of forming these packages, we take care to look at the whole child and ensure that we consider any factors that could limit or prevent access to our ultimate lifelong goal - a happy and fulfilling adult life.

We endeavour to ensure that progress is made in all areas. For our students to prepare for their adult lives, they must develop the skills that could be obstacles to their success. For example, if our learners wish to access further education or employment, they will need to make academic progress and develop the broader skills to successfully access that new environment.

Our curriculum model has three stages, represented by the steps our learners make on their lifelong learning journeys: Transition Curriculum, Developing Skills and Accredited Learning.

As part of the curriculum, Newbury Manor School has developed a behaviour management culture based on meeting individual needs in a focussed way. In every case, students demonstrate improved behaviour compared to their previous placements. Newbury Manor has not excluded any pupils over the past two years, pupil attendance is high, and parents report to senior leaders that their children are now eager to come to school and learn.

Residential provision

Following a significant investment, phase one of our residential facility has now re-opened. We have five large single occupancy bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, which have been refurbished to a very high standard. Each room can be personalised to reflect individual personality and preference. We also have a communal lounge and dining room, where our young people can relax, socialise and interact.

Phase two is currently underway, with the refurbishment of a further three bedrooms, bringing the total number of rooms to eight.

We are aware of the difficulties young people can experience when away from home, so we ensure the environment is warm, secure, understanding and positive. There is an experienced care team who maintain links with home, keeping families up to date and involved in what happens with the students we support.

Staff will also support young people in maintaining any existing recreational, sporting and cultural activities they enjoy. Local activities available include horse riding, abseiling, rock climbing, swimming, football, cooking, bowling, snooker, trips to the cinema, computer game events and craft evenings, as well as access to local youth groups. Young people will be encouraged to access these activities as a means to develop their social, emotional and communication skills.

Sixth form provision

Attending Newbury Manor School’s sixth form marks a very significant step for many of our students, who are re-entering a mainstream learning environment for the first time in many years, often with very significant levels of anxiety.

Developing independent learning skills is a strength of our sixth form provision. In 2013/14, one student from three was able to access his college course and associated work experience placement independently, following a school career where he required significant and sustained support.

We have developed strong relationships with our partner colleges and ensure that the quality is good or better through careful monitoring and intervention. We focus on the standard of teaching and safeguarding. This means that senior leaders have an accurate view of the progress each individual is making.

Strode College, our main partner in providing provision to our sixth form, gained an outstanding judgement from Ofsted in September 2014.

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