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Parenthood, pregnancy and family (PPF) service

Priory understands that starting a family can be exciting and challenging in equal measure. As such, we are committed to offering psychological support and treatment during this significant phase of life, as part of our new parenthood, pregnancy and family (PPF) service at our Priory Wellbeing Centre Harley Street, situated in the Marylebone area of central London.

At Priory we are aware that the introduction of the PPF service is timely, as we find that 21st century individuals and couples are taking mental health problems that can affect both them and their children’s lives, increasingly seriously.

Priory’s PPF service enables mothers and fathers to invest in their families’ current and future health and happiness by accessing psychological support, relationship-based treatments and education on various mental health concerns and how to manage them. Our consultation and treatment options include:

Psychological support for fertility and pregnancy

  • Support for those going through fertility treatment
  • Specialist assessment and treatment for emotional distress and mild to moderate antenatal and postnatal mental health problems, before, during and after pregnancy
  • Treatment for individuals and couples who are struggling with the distressing experience of pregnancy loss or complications. This includes miscarriage, stillbirth and fertility treatment issues

Preparation for parenthood

  • Guidance and support in becoming the mother or father that you want to be and connecting this with your child’s needs
  • Emotional processing of your current stage in life, enabling you to make informed choices about personal and professional commitments
  • Support for men and women considering parenthood, but who have concerns due to difficult relationships with their own parents, experiences of childhood abuse or other distressing life events

Support in the development of early family relationships

  • Development of your relationship with your baby or young child, supporting bonding and closeness
  • Guidance on creating a supportive network around you and your child
  • Support in making choices about childcare, work-life balance and your career, that are sustainable and healthy for you and your family
  • Support in dealing with the emotional intensity of your newborn baby e.g. excessive crying and difficulties with sleeping and feeding
  • Treatment for mothers struggling to bond with their babies. This may be due to mental health problems, their own experiences of abuse or neglect in childhood, or other distressing life events
  • Treatment for fathers who have become depressed following the birth of their baby and require support in making sense of their distress
  • Treatment for couples who are struggling in their relationship as new parents
  • Treatment for mothers and fathers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following an obstetric trauma, a traumatic birth experience or a gynaecological injury as a result of childbirth

“Parenthood and fertility are important issues in a person’s life and therefore it is unsurprising that difficulties can have a profound effect on both individuals and their relationships. Addressing challenges in a safe and therapeutic environment is key to enhancing health and wellbeing for the whole family.” Dr Kathryn Hollins, pregnancy, parenthood and early years relationships expert at Priory Wellbeing Centre Harley Street.

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