Treatments tailored to your needs

Couples therapy

Priory Wellbeing Centre Canterbury provides couples therapy, which is available to:

  • Married/cohabiting couples
  • Same sex couples
  • Individuals with relationship issues
  • Older couples
  • Trans-cultural couples
  • Those with a sexual identity issue, for example transvestism

There are many reasons why a couple may decide to talk to a professional about their relationship issues, including to cope with a betrayal or an affair, the loss of a close family member, illness, financial difficulties, redundancy, retirement, infertility, loss of a child, addiction and sexual difficulties. This decision can often be a difficult one and can bring about feelings of fear and shame. However, at Priory Wellbeing Centre Canterbury, we provide a professional and safe environment in which everyone can feel comfortable.


Psychotherapist Salma Rashid is Canterbury’s couples therapy lead. Her approach is psychodynamic psychotherapy and she also specialises in mentalisation-based therapy, especially for conflict resolution within the family setting.

“Once a consultation is booked and the couple arrive to their appointment, they often experience a sense of relief when they begin the process of talking to someone who provides guidance and support in exploring difficult and painful issues. Speaking to a therapist can often bring a sense of understanding to difficult and stressful situations bought on through life's journey.” Salma Rashid

She provides the choice for couples to attend joint or individual sessions so that they can explore issues in a shared or more private setting. In 6 - 20 sessions Salma explores in detail what influences behaviour, thought patterns, processes and emotional experience.

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