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The Priory Clinic Manchester

The Priory Clinic in Manchester was opened in 2013 to offer specialist treatment and rehabilitation for addictions including; alcohol and drugs , such as cocaine, marijuana and heroin.     

How the Priory can help to treat addictions

The Priory has been the leading independent provider of addiction treatment services for many years. For people aged 18 years or over who have concerns about their wellbeing, the clinic offers: 

  • Professional, specialised, easily accessible and confidential service.
  • Consultation about the problem and feedback provided regarding the best way forward, a safer way to use and offer of further treatment options if required.
  • Full physical and psychological assessment.
  • Effective psychological interventions including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), harm reduction, motivational and relapse prevention interventions.
  • Treatment for any associated psychological problems.
  • Arrangement for help with medical problems if necessary.
  • Prescription of medications to help stop use of certain substances.
  • Arrangement for a period of residential and medically supported withdrawal (detox) from substances if appropriate.
  • Support for family members.

Free Confidential Addiction Assessment

We understand that it can be difficult to make the first step towards treatment for an addiction. That’s why the Priory offers a free addiction assessment with an experienced therapist for treatments which include; alcohol, drug, sex, gambling, shopping, internet addiction and more.

Your assessment will be completely confidential and will begin to help you to identify reasons for your addiction. We are the UK’s leading independent provider of addiction treatment services, which is why 94% of patients in addiction services would recommend us to a friend.

Free Addictions Assessment

The Priory is pleased to offer you a free confidential assessment for all addictions.

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