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Priory Hospital Cheadle Royal

Set within landscaped gardens in Cheshire, the safe and supportive environment of Priory Hospital Cheadle Royal offers a comprehensive inpatient specialist mental health service for young people and adults. The service is dedicated to providing innovative, high quality care and treatment for patients with challenging and complex needs, in order to enable their recovery and re-engagement with the community. All services are delivered in partnership with the NHS and structured cost frameworks are provided for commissioners and referring healthcare professionals.

The hospital offers a comprehensive range of inter-linked care services within one hospital campus and provides a complete care pathway so patients can move seamlessly between services to provide the most appropriate care in a safe environment. This includes:

Acute mental health service

  • Alder - 14-bedded mixed ward

  • Maple - 15-bedded mixed ward

Psychiatric intensive care units (PICUs)

  • Featherstone - male PICU

  • Willows - male PICU

  • Pankhurst - female PICU

Adult eating disorders service - Russell House

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

  • Orchard - open acute ward

  • Meadows - secure PICU

  • Woodlands - low secure

Rehabilitation and recovery

  • Elmswood House - locked ward

  • Elmswood View - open ward

For further information on each unit, please click on the more information tab below.

The hospital's consultant-led multidisciplinary teams have a wealth of clinical and research experience in psychiatry, enabling service users to benefit from a broad range of individual and group therapies.

Our clinical services:

  • Offer high quality individualised care in a safe and supported environment

  • Enable service users to maximise their life opportunities

  • Provide clear, effective pathways including assessment, stabilisation, rehabilitation and recovery

  • A Care Programme Approach (CPA) that fully involves the service user and their family and/or carers

  • Benefit from strong links which have been established with educational/vocational and community agencies

We offer a complete care progression plan for our patients, promoting a reduced length of stay with seamless transfer points which encourages a step-down programme from secure through to complex care and rehabilitation.

Our Services

Our Specialists

Priory boasts a diverse team of practitioners. Committed to providing the best treatment to each and every one of our patients, we pride ourselves on placing patients at the heart of the treatment journey. This approach ensures that you are allocated to the best expert for your needs and benefit from a truly bespoke treatment programme.

For detailed biographies on individual experts, including their backgrounds, specialisms and qualifications: Please click here to view our specialists

Fees and Funding

Referrals & Admissions

We accept referrals from a wide variety of public sector organisations throughout the UK, including special hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, prisons, courts, MSUs, SHA forensic lead commissioners, social services, NHS Mental Health Trusts, GPs, the police and others.

Our service users are made aware of hospital procedures, regulations and restrictions and should agree to abide by them via a written contract prior to admission.

We are able to accept emergency referrals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Urgent or out-of-hours appointments and admissions can be arranged immediately by telephoning the hospital directly. For further information please contact the admissions office on: 0161 428 9511 during office hours or email

Out of hours, you can call 0161 495 4907

The admissions criteria will vary from unit to unit; further information can be found under the 'More  Info' tab below.

Why choose Priory Hospital Cheadle Royal?

The hospital offers a range of facilities and services including:

  • Internal pathways on one hospital site which supports and enables access to the wide range of services and enables units to manage a higher level of acuity
  • Recovery-focused care which addresses the needs of each individual based on evidence-based practice
  • Russell House eating disorder service, with accreditation from the Quality Network for Eating Disorders (QED)
  • Orchard CAMHS unit is pending accreditation from the Quality Network for Inpatient CAMHS (QNIC)

Our outcomes

These are just some of the key outcomes that the hospital focuses on:

  • Moving service users on to a lower level of security, supported by the service's care pathways, promoting least restrictive practice
  • Re-integration of service users into the community through a supportive and recovery based model of care
  • Working in partnership with service users, carers and commissioners to actively manage length of stay

More Info

Adult acute mental health services - Alder and Maple

This service is suitable for adults from the age of 18. We offer personalised treatment programmes to treat a broad range of mental health conditions, including stress, depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). We use psychiatric treatments including pharmaceutical, diversional and recovery focused tools for both male and females.

Eating disorder service - Russell House

This is a specialist eating disorder service comprising of a 16-bedded unit and an 11-bedded unit, providing inpatient treatment. Our highly experienced multidisciplinary team treats service users with a wide range of eating disorders and facilitates nasogastric feeding if required. The service also accepts referrals from non-contracted NHS agencies.

Referrals for Russell House are made for males and females aged 18 and over, diagnosed with a severe eating disorder.

Female PICU - Pankhurst

This unit safely manages the acute phase of women suffering from severe mental illness who demonstrate challenging behaviours. The model of care is specifically designed to meet the needs of women who have exceeded, exhausted or failed to benefit from local resources and who require a safe and secure environment to engage in a therapeutic programme.

Male PICUs - Willows and Featherstone

The Willows and Featherstone units provide a model of care that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of men suffering from an acute phase of severe mental illness, that cannot be managed in an open setting. The skilled multidisciplinary teams have many years' experience safely managing complex service users in an acute phase of mental illness, often with behaviours that challenge.

Referrals to one of our PICU facilities must meet the following criteria:

  • Detained under the Mental Health Act including section 136
  • Presenting an acute psychosis and/or severe mood disorder and often self-harming behaviour
  • Presenting significant and continued risk to themselves or to others, both on the ward and in the community and who are likely to abscond
  • Admitted from A&E, PICUs, community services and other mental health settings

Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

Priory Hospital Cheadle Royal offers a comprehensive inpatient specialist mental health service for young people aged between 13 and 18 years with a broad range of presentations, risks and complexities such as early onset psychosis or emergent personality disorder. The service comprises an open acute, psychiatric intensive care and a low secure unit for young women with emergent personality disorder, led by highly skilled multidisciplinary teams providing seamless and integrated care pathways encompassing a broad therapeutic programme which recognises the needs of the individual as well as their family.

    The CAMHS service at Priory Hospital Cheadle Royal consists of three units:

    Open acute service - Orchard

    • Inpatient treatment for males and females aged up to 18 years
    • Rapid assessment and admission 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Treatment for young people with a broad range of acute presentations
    • Safe and supportive therapeutic environment
    • Comprehensive educational provision across a range of age and abilities providing the full national curriculum, vocational courses and work experience as well as certified numeracy and literacy courses
    • Outcome-driven and evidence-based interventions and care plans, flexible to individuals’ needs
    • Access to a wide range of psychological therapies

    Secure PICU - Meadows

    • Inpatient treatment for males and females aged up to 18 years
    • Rapid assessment and admission 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Safe, supportive and containing environment for young people detained under the Mental Health Act
    • Highly skilled multidisciplinary team which engages and works therapeutically with complex young people who may pose a high level of risk to themselves and others, or who are likely to abscond
    • Reducing lengths of stay by facilitating transitions to open units on-site

    Low secure rehabilitation - Woodlands

    • Inpatient treatment for females aged up to 18 years
    • Low secure therapeutic and rehabilitative environment for young women presenting with severe risk issues and complex needs, including emergent personality disorders and severe self harm or risk to others
    • Highly skilled multidisciplinary team experienced in engaging and working therapeutically with young people with the most severe and complex needs
    • Elective admissions for 13 to 18 year olds lasting between 6 and 18 months
    • Intensive psychotherapeutic interventions

    Referrals for males and females aged between 13 - 18 are accepted to the Cheadle Royal CAMHS from mental health teams, as well as from social care organisations and the criminal justice system. Following rapid pre-admission assessment, funding must be approved by the appropriate purchasing agency prior to admission.

    Rehabilitation and recovery service (locked door) – Elmswood House

    Elmswood House is a recently refurbished 11-bedded ward, with en-suite facilities, offering a more acute level of service with a higher level of support and observation. The private garden leads to an activities of daily living kitchen, therapy room, meeting room and the phlebotomy clinic. All communal areas in Elmswood House have CCTV in place.

    Rehabilitation and recovery service (open unit) – Elmswood View

    Elmswood View is a newly opened unit providing six en-suite bedrooms. The service provides support in a less restrictive open facility, providing low stimulus therapy for slower stream services users. A specialist step-down care pathway is also offered between here and Elmswood House, as the service users progress in their rehabilitation.

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