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Priory Hospital Chelmsford

Priory Hospital Chelmsford, located just outside London, is set within a beautiful Grade II listed, 19th century building, complete with three acres of private gardens. The hospital first opened in 1992 and since then, has established an excellent reputation for providing high standards of treatment for a diverse range of mental health difficulties including addictions, depression, anxiety, and stress. We are also able to provide high quality therapy to individuals struggling with gender issues, low self-esteem, and those struggling with a diagnosis of HIV. Chelmsford is one of the UK’s leading treatment centres and is rated by former patients for its excellence, dedication, commitment to individuals, as well as producing outstanding treatment outcomes.

Our evidence-based interventions at Chelmsford are in-keeping with best practice in the field of mental health and addictions, and are developed by an expert team of psychiatrists, mental health nurses, psychologists and therapists. 

This multidisciplinary approach means that we are able to tailor all treatment programmes according to the unique requirements of our patients, ensuring that they benefit from a truly personalised package of person-centred care. In addition, all patients are involved in any decisions that are made about their care, and are placed at the heart of their treatment journey, in order to foster the best possible individual outcomes.

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Our specialists are committed to empowering patients to tackle your mental health problems, improve your physical and psychological wellbeing, and return to the healthy and fulfilling life that you deserve.
We are proud that our excellent outcomes support this:99% of patients from the Chelmsford Addiction Treatment Programme stated that they were treated with respect and dignity during their stay

  • 98% of patients from the Chelmsford Addiction Treatment Programme stated that they felt safe during their stay
  • 99% of patients receiving treatment at Chelmsford stated that when they arrived, staff made them feel welcome
  • 99% of patients from the Chelmsford acute mental health service stated that they felt safe during their stay
  • 93% of patients stated that they felt involved in decisions made about their care and treatment
  • 92% of patients rated Chelmsford’s support staff as being either ‘good’, ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’

It is important to understand that addictions and other mental health challenges are treatable, and the most crucial first step is for you seek expert support. Unfortunately, without specialist, professional help, these complex conditions can continue to worsen over time, and have a destructive impact on your quality of life. At Priory Hospital Chelmsford, excellent patient care is our primary concern and we are committed to ensuring that you have access to every resource that you need in order to make a full recovery and return to a fulfilled and enjoyable life.

    Conditions treated at Priory Hospital Chelmsford

    We are able to provide established treatment for a wide range of conditions, including:

    High quality mental health treatment in Chelmsford

    At Priory Hospital Chelmsford we are able to treat a comprehensive range of mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, stress, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). At Chelmsford, we ensure that we assign our highly experienced specialists in a way that is flexible around the needs of each individual, enabling us to deliver personalised, individually tailored treatment.

    Without expert psychological treatment and therapy, it is unlikely that your mental health problems will go away on their own; they can continue to have a detrimental impact on many areas of your life, and cause a range of long term emotional and physical problems. If you think that you or someone that you know is suffering with mental health difficulties, it is important to understand that these conditions are treatable, and the most crucial first step is to seek expert help. 

    At Chelmsford, our highly trained team are committed to providing you with every resource that you need, enabling you to tackle your mental health challenges within a compassionate and highly supportive environment, and ultimately return to a positive way of life.

    For further information on our specialist mental health offering, please visit our mental health treatment section.

    Addiction Treatment Programme at Priory Hospital Chelmsford

    Addictions, whether these are addictions to substances such as alcohol or drugs, or broader behavioural addictions, can have a devastating impact on all areas of your life, including your general health and wellbeing, your ability to function effectively in daily life, as well as your professional and personal relationships. That’s why our addiction treatment experts at Chelmsford are dedicated to providing intensive treatment for a range of addictions such as alcohol and drug addictions, including addiction to new psychoactive and illicit substances (legal highs), as well as addictive behaviours such as gambling, love and sex, porn, exercise, work, internet  and gaming addictions.

    Chelmsford is the only Priory site that offers its own standalone addiction treatment unit. Our 28-day, residential Addiction Treatment Programme  is based in its own dedicated building on-site, known as The Lodge. Here, the emphasis is on total commitment to your programme of recovery, in a safe and supportive environment.

    Addiction treatment at Chelmsford is based on the renowned 12-Step addiction treatment model, which was first popularised by the organisation Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). This approach has an abstinence-based philosophy, and focuses on your motivation to change, whilst incorporating a spiritual element within the treatment process, with proven, worldwide success.

    Our flexible and patient-centred Addiction Treatment Programme has been developed by our expert team of psychiatrists, addiction psychologists, addiction therapists and mental health nurses, and is designed to meet the specific needs of each patient. We work in close collaboration with you and ensure that you are involved in all decisions regarding your care and treatment, whilst drawing upon all of the available specialists in our diverse team. This approach ensures that treatment is personalised and produces the most positive outcomes for you as an individual.

    Our addiction rehabilitation programme includes:

    • Free, no obligation addiction assessment - book your appointment today
    • 7-day medically assisted withdrawal detoxification for alcohol and drug addictions, if this is required
    • Individual 1:1 therapy and group therapy
    • A family and couple’s programme
    • Access to 12-Step support groups, specifically selected according to your needs
    • Free aftercare for 12 months following treatment
    • Free family support for 12 months following treatment

    We also deliver specialised treatment to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) community, who are struggling with addiction and recovery issues.

    For further information on how we can help you to tackle your addiction at Chelmsford and empower you to achieve a strong and lasting recovery, please view our brochure.

    Therapies offered at Priory Hospital Chelmsford

    At Chelmsford, our specialists possess a wealth of expertise in delivering a broad range of therapeutic techniques, which can be delivered in groups or on a one-to-one basis. These include:

    • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
    • Dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT)
    • Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR)
    • Mindfulness
    • Transactional analysis (TA)
    • Psychoeducation
    • Psychodynamic therapy
    • Motivational interviewing

    Our flexible treatment programmes include outpatient therapy and day care, which are personalised and designed to fit around your existing commitments, as well as inpatient (residential) treatment, for those who require more intensive, ongoing support for their mental health challenges.

    DBT is the most widely accessed of our group therapies, and we have a long-standing DBT therapy programme available to both inpatients and day care patients. This form of therapy supports patients who are having difficulty managing their emotions, including those with self-harming behaviours, relationship problems and suicidal thoughts, or those who have tried other therapeutic techniques unsuccessfully. Our renowned DBT course runs for up to 12 weeks and contains elements of distress tolerance, emotional effectiveness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation and mindfulness.

    We also have strong clinical links with our outpatient services at Priory Wellbeing Centre Harley Street and Priory Wellbeing Centre Fenchurch Street, making effective and convenient mental health treatment accessible to all.

    You can read more about the type and format of the therapies offered at Chelmsford, on our approach to treatment page.

    Our experts at Chelmsford recognise that improving wellbeing plays a large part in successful recovery and future health. As such, we provide access to a number of wellbeing activities and facilities, to help to keep our patients healthy in mind, body and spirit. All of our wellbeing activities form part of your tailored package of care, and include:

    • Yoga and Tai Chi classes
    • Drama therapy
    • Relaxation, walking and gardening groups
    • Movie afternoons
    • Occupational therapy programme

    We are also able to hold group therapy sessions outdoors in our beautiful grounds, during the warmer summer months.

    A first rate treatment environment

    The people that we help at Chelmsford take a lot of reassurance from the beautiful and tranquil hospital environment that we have to offer. We believe that the setting for mental health treatment is just as important in the recovery process as the treatment programme itself. Our striking Grade II listed building comprises luxurious single-occupancy bedrooms, each with modern en-suite bathrooms, providing the utmost comfort and wellbeing for our patients.

    The hospital also provides:

    • Welcoming living areas and communal lounges, that provide peaceful and comfortable settings in which to relax and unwind
    • A fully equipped art room
    • Beautiful private grounds including landscaped gardens
    • Multi-faith room along with a pastoral lead
    • On-site restaurant with waiter service, and catering to suit dietary needs
    • Laundry facilities
    • Very easy access from the A12, Stansted Airport, Central London, and close to excellent transport links to other neighbouring areas including Essex, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk
    • Close proximity to Chelmsford’s town centre offering easy walking to local shops and cafes

    An expert team of consultants and therapists

    Our specialist team at Priory Hospital Chelmsford comprises:

    • Psychiatrists
    • Psychologists
    • Therapists
    • Mental health nurses

    Our expert team are also able to speak multiple languages including Russian, Arabic, Hindu, Urdu and Bengali.

    Quality and regulation

    The treatment that we deliver at Chelmsford is driven by robust clinical governance protocols, and we receive ongoing monitoring by our independent regulator, the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

    Fees and funding

    Choosing to self-fund

    There are many reasons why people may choose to pay privately to receive expert mental health treatment at Priory Hospital Chelmsford. It may be due to local NHS providers not being able to offer the specific mental health/addiction treatment that you need, or having insufficient capacity and long waiting times. Alternatively, you may simply prefer the peace of mind of receiving early access to highly specialised care from the UK’s leading independent provider of mental healthcare and addiction services.

    We are able to book appointments at a time that is convenient for you, and are committed to delivering excellent, high quality care with the most positive individual outcomes. For more information on how to commence with expert treatment at Chelmsford, contact us today on 0808 274 1697 or via email

    Using your private medical insurance for mental health and addiction treatment

    The Priory Group is a registered and approved provider for all of the UK’s leading private medical insurers, including Bupa, Vitality, Aviva, Cigna, WPA and AXA PPP.

    If you have access to private medical insurance, either personally or through your workplace, your policy will usually require you to obtain a GP referral before undergoing treatment with Priory, and you will be requested to provide your insurance policy details at the time of booking the initial consultation, so that pre-authorisation may be agreed with the insurance provider.

    In addition, different policies cover different levels of care, so for any queries, it is advisable to contact your insurer, or our dedicated Chelmsford admissions team on 0808 274 1697, who will be delighted to assist you with any questions that you may have.

    NHS services at Priory Hospital Chelmsford

    Priory Hospital Chelmsford also provides a specialist adult eating disorder service, adult acute mental health, as well as a dedicated Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) offering in partnership with the NHS. For more information on our NHS services, visit our Priory Hospital Chelmsford NHS services page.

    Contact Priory Hospital Chelmsford today

    For more information on the exceptional addictions and mental health services that are offered at Priory Hospital Chelmsford, and how we can help you or a loved one to overcome your mental health challenges, email or call us today on 0808 274 1697. You can also arrange your free, no obligation addiction assessment online.

    Crisis care at Priory

    Priory’s customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that those in crisis gain access to the best possible support, as quickly as possible. The specialist teams at our residential facilities can help to stabilise those in need of immediate assistance, including providing access to medically assisted withdrawal detoxification for drug and alcohol addictions, where required. Call us today on 0808 274 1697.

    Free Addictions Assessment

    The Priory is pleased to offer you a free confidential assessment for all addictions.

    Enquire now

    Accommodation and facilities

    The environment we create for patients is as important as the treatment, itself. To this end, each patient has the privacy of his or her own comfortable bedroom, with television, telephone, and en-suite facilities.

    Patients are encouraged to have their meals in the main dining room, which offers excellent choice of dishes. Special dietary requirements can also be catered for.

    We also provide comfortable communal areas where patients can rest and relax.

    Therapy and treatment programme

    The first step to recovery for the patient is to undergo an initial assessment to identify the issues, make any diagnosis and draw up the most appropriate treatment plan.

    For a Free Assessment on to our Day Care Programme, please call 01245 244 720

    Treatment is then available on an outpatient, inpatient and day patient basis.


    All of our therapy is provided by highly skilled and qualified therapists from various modalities who facilitate our groups and see individuals, enabling us to offer a wide and diverse programme of therapy.

    Therapies used:

    • CBT
    • Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR)
    • Person centered
    • Psycho - educational
    • Psychotherapy
    • Systemic & family psychotherapist
    • Dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) for the treatment of border line personality disorder
    • Psycho-sexual and relationship counselling

    Group therapy

    Some of the groups available are:

    • Managing panic
    • Managing social anxiety
    • Assertiveness training
    • CBT
    • OCD
    • Health anxiety
    • Managing anxiety
    • Depression
    • CBT for managing anger
    • Managing grief & loss
    • Relationship therapy
    • Managing the symptoms of my diagnosis
    • CBT for mixed diagnosis
    • DBT for borderline personality disorders
    • Building confidence and self-esteem 
    • Managing stress
    • Creative therapy
    • Body Image
    • Healthy living
    • Goal setting/relapse prevention
    • Binge eating programme
    • Addiction programme
    • Relaxation
    • Mindfulness practice

    Our Services

    Our Specialists

    The Priory boasts a diverse team of practitioners. Committed to providing the best treatment to each and every one of our patients, they pride themselves on placing patients at the heart of the treatment journey. This approach ensures that you are allocated to the best expert for your needs and benefit from a truly bespoke treatment programme.

    For detailed biographies on individual experts, including their backgrounds, specialisms and qualifications: Please click here to view our specialists

    Fees and Funding

    Referrals & Admissions

    The majority of referrals made to The Priory Hospital Chelmsford are through a patient's GP. A referral can be made by telephone, in writing, via email or via fax to the hospital's admission department, who will then pass these details on to the relevant consultant.

    • To make an outpatient appointment with a specific consultant, please telephone the hospital on 01245 345 345
    • For further details of our specialist treatment programmes or for a list of staff/visiting consultants, together with their areas of special interests, please telephone our admissions team on 01245 244 724 or 01245 244 723

    Corporate/occupational health

    Any company wishing to make a referral, or a member of staff wishing to be admitted to a Priory hospital, will need to be referred by their company occupational health doctor.

    Where an occupational health nurse has been the employees point of contact they should liaise with the company doctor to arrange a referral, if this is required. If there is any uncertainty then please contact our admissions staff who will be happy to advise you.

    More Info

    Family support programme and aftercare

    Within the addiction treatment programme and other programmes where possible, we encourage the patient's family to become involved in the treatment programme as this can help give a greater understanding of the illness - hopefully leading to a speedier recovery once the patient has returned home.

    Quality and compliance

    You can be assured that the treatment patients receive will be of the highest standard, as we are continually monitored by the independent regulator the Care Quality Commission and are bench-marked against the National Service Framework.

    We also strive to ensure the effectiveness and success of our treatment by meeting exacting, externally validated standards and our results compare favourably with the published benchmarks.

    Visiting times

    Visiting times and visitors allowed will be individual for each patient depending on their therapeutic programme. Please discuss this with the nursing team. All visitors must sign in and out at reception and report to the nurses station for general psychiatry and addiction treatment programme. All visitors must leave the building no later than 10.00 pm.

    General programme

    Monday - Friday 12.30 pm - 1.30 pm & 5.00 pm - 10.00 pm
    Saturday 12.30 pm - 10.00 pm
    Sunday 9.00 am - 10.00 pm

    Addiction treatment programme (ATP)

    Monday - Friday 4.00 pm - 7.00 pm
    Saturday from 5.00 pm
    Sunday all day until 5.00 pm

    Springfield eating disorder service

    Monday - Friday 6.30pm - 10.00 pm
    Saturday & Sunday 9.00 am - 12.00 pm & 2.00 pm - 10.00 pm

    Location Details