Treatments tailored to your needs

Addiction Treatment Clinic in Essex for Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation

The addiction treatment programme at The Priory Hospital Chelmsford is based on the 12-step Minnesota/abstinence model and incorporates an integrative combination of psychodynamic therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Mindfulness Relapse Prevention therapy.

Treatment for most programmes is usually provided on an inpatient basis, typically lasting four weeks. However, the programme can vary in duration and content to suit individuals’ personal circumstances and lifestyle commitments. Furthermore, there may be circumstances where patients are referred onto secondary treatment should the need arise once primary treatment at Priory has been completed.

Our treatment goals are:

  • Continuing abstinence from addictive behaviour(s)
  • Progressive improvement of functioning and general support of continuing abstinence which results in well-being and flourishing for the patient

Our free initial addictions assessment

A free, confidential initial assessment with an addiction therapist is available to anyone seeking help for an addiction. It may be one of the first opportunities you will have of discussing the addiction with a trained and experienced professional therapist. During the assessment your current lifestyle will be reviewed and the different treatment options will be discussed, with no obligation to commit. If we cannot help, we will always put you in touch with someone who can. 

To discuss treatment options and find out how we can support you, please contact a member of our team on 0800 840 3219. Alternatively, click here to email your enquiry or click here to arrange a free addictions assessment.