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The Priory Hospital Glasgow

The Priory Hospital Glasgow, is committed to delivering the highest standards of treatment, care and rehabilitation in Scotland, to make your stay here as beneficial and as comfortable as possible.

The Priory Group has over 12,500 employees in the UK, managing and delivering care through clinics, hospitals, homes and specialist schools right across the country. With a portfolio of over 300 operational sites, in January 2015, the Glasgow Hospital was awarded the Priory’s “Site of the Year”. This is a demonstration of the Hospital’s strong clinical reputation, founded upon the quality of its care and expertise.

With over 30 inpatients at any time, we also cater for over 400 outpatients who seek our services for psychological services without disrupting their daily lives.

In addition our Eating Disorder Unit is the largest specialist inpatient unit of its kind in Scotland and due to the quality of its care patients come for treatment from all over the UK. In May 2015 the unit was included in the Quality Network for Eating Disorders (QED) under the Royal College of Surgeon’s Accreditation for Inpatient Mental Health Services (AIMS).

Please watch our short video for a brief overview of The Priory Hospital Glasgow.

The hospital has nearly 20 years' experience of caring for patients with a wide range of mental health issues including but not limited to:

Our highly experienced and qualified team includes consultant psychiatrists, CBT therapists, person centered therapists, dietitians and specialist nurses.

The hospital also has its own ward doctors who are on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that you are always safe and receiving the most clinically appropriate care.

Outpatient appointments are arranged at a time that suits you and your lifestyle and there are no lengthy waiting times. In addition to operating in Glasgow, the hospital also operates outpatient clinics in Edinburgh and Aberdeen where you can see a consultant and / or a qualified therapist. Please call us on 0141 636 6116 to arrange your appointment or to get more information about how we can help you.

Addiction treatment programme - 12 step model

The service specialises in addiction treatment and rehabilitation for substance and behavioural dependency, such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, relationships and shopping. The service is a residential programme normally 28 days in length although this can be tailored to suit your needs. The programme follows the principles of the 12 step model and includes detoxification where necessary and is supervised by a specialist consultant and ward doctor. The team consists of qualified specialists some who are in recovery and their unique insight and approach will ensure that your stay is as beneficial and as comfortable as possible whilst giving you the tools to use once you are discharged. 

Please be assured that Glasgow is a genuine hospital and regulated as such. Not all “rehabilitation” units have 24/7 medical and nursing support on site; it is imperative that anybody being supported through a withdrawal programme has medical and nursing support around them.

The rehabilitation treatment programme includes:

  • 28 days residential care working with qualified and experienced addiction therapists
  • FREE ASSESSMENT to explore the problem in more detail without obligation to continue into treatment.
  • FREE weekly aftercare support for 12 months post completion of the 28 day programme.
  • FREE family support during and post rehabilitation treatment.

Please watch our short video from the perspective of a former patient of Priory, who tells in his own words how he overcame alcoholism with the help of specialist Priory Consultants. Please click here to watch the video.

What we treat - acute mental health

Our team has the expertise and experience to treat all major acute mental health conditions, including stress, depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive states and mood disorders. We also have consultant psychiatrists who specialise in treating child and adolescent mental health problems and old age psychiatry.

The length and nature of the treatment will depend on the care plan devised by your specialist consultant and or therapist. This may involve a short inpatient stay involving group and one to one therapy (as prescribed by your consultant) followed by day therapy or it may be that you don’t require an inpatient stay and would benefit with an hour long, one to one session on a weekly basis with a qualified therapist. The hospital has a wide range of specialists on hand including CBT, person centred and art therapists as well as consultants who specialise in all major mental health illnesses.

In addition sometimes individuals face difficulties in life that can cause distress. Often, as a way of coping, there can be an engagement in unhelpful behaviours such as the over use of alcohol or other substances. This in itself can cause difficulties for the individual, their family and friendships.

If controlling drinking or the self medication of tablets has become problematic in life, and the thought of cutting it out completely seems challenging; then drinking or taking substances in moderation and reducing the risk of harm may be a more realistic goal. Our harm reduction treatment has helped many people to improve the quality of their lives and their general health.

Please watch our short video from the perspective of a former patient of Priory, who tells in her own words how she overcame her depression and anxiety issues with the help of specialist Priory Consultants. Please click here to watch the video.

Please watch our short video from the perspective of a former patient of Priory Hospital Glasgow, who tells in her own words how she overcame her eating disorder with the help of specialist Priory Consultants. Please click here to watch the video

Under the skin, short film. Yana Ivantcheva is a talented young film maker based in Scotland. When she was a student at Stirling University she decided to make a film called “Under the Skin” telling the story of an anonymous young lady called “L” who has suffered from an eating disorder. L bravely shares her story, so that others can understand her condition and that other sufferers know they are not alone, can seek help and get the support they need. Please click here to watch the video.

Free Addictions Assessment

The Priory is pleased to offer you a free confidential assessment for all addictions.

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Eating disorder treatment programme

The eating disorder programme, which can be delivered as an inpatient or day care patient service, offers personal and flexible treatments to sufferers of Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and binge eating. 

The specially developed eating disorders programme which has been validated by external research focuses on the psychological, social, behavioural and physical sides of the illness. The programme involves assistance in re-establishing an appropriate relationship with food, education as to the nature and consequences of eating disorders and guidance in helping people to identify personally with this information.

  • FREE weekly aftercare support for 12 months post completion of the programme. 
  • FREE family support during and post rehabilitation treatment.

Meet The Priory Glasgow team

The hospital is led by an effective and experienced multidisciplinary team. The team work together to develop personalised, recovery focused treatment programmes and care pathways as well as a range of therapies to meet all of their patients’ needs. Click here for more information about the team.

Our Services

Our Specialists

Fees and Funding

Referrals & Admissions

Accessing treatment

We have a team of experts who are happy to see you at a time that is convenient to your personal and business life.

To make an outpatient appointment please call us on 0141 636 6116.

A referral can also be made via your GP (family doctor or private GP) by telephone, in writing, by email or fax to the hospital's admission department, who will then pass these details on to the appropriate consultant.

Free assessments are available for alcohol and drug addiction

As part of our commitment to helping those suffering with alcoholism and drug addiction, we are pleased to offer a FREE assessment by a qualified specialist addiction therapist who is also in recovery and best placed to offer advice on the best treatment programme for you.

Pre-admission information

A warm and friendly welcome awaits you at The Priory Hospital Glasgow. Coming into any hospital can be an unsettling experience, but you can be confident that we will make every effort to ensure that your stay is as comfortable and as beneficial as possible.

Corporate/occupational health

Any company wishing to make a referral, or member of staff wishing to be admitted to the hospital, will need to be referred by their company occupational health doctor. Where an occupational health nurse has been the employee’s point of contact they should liaise with the company doctor to arrange a referral, if this is required.

For more information

Our admissions team are available between the hours of 9.00am and 5.00pm and will be delighted to answer any questions you may have – please call the team on 0141 636 6116 or email:

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Therapy and treatment programmes

The first step to recovery for the patient is to undergo an initial assessment to identify the issues, make any diagnosis and draw up the most appropriate treatment plan. For our addictions treatment programme we offer a free initial addiction assessment.

Treatment is then available on an outpatient, inpatient and day patient basis.

Therapies used:

  • CBT
  • EMDR
  • Person centred
  • Psycho - educational
  • Psychotherapy
  • Systemic & family psychotherapist
  • Advanced art psychotherapist

Group therapy

Some of the groups available are:

  • Understanding anxiety
  • Managing anxiety
  • Understanding depression
  • Understanding anger
  • Managing anger
  • Managing grief and loss
  • Relationship therapy
  • Personal development
  • Managing the symptoms of my diagnosis
  • CBT for mixed diagnosis
  • Building confidence and self-esteem
  • Pre-dependency group
  • Managing stress
  • Motivational therapy
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Creative therapy
  • Body image
  • Healthy living
  • Goal setting / relapse prevention

Family programme and aftercare

Within the addiction treatment programme, where possible, we encourage the patient's family to become involved in the treatment programme as this can help give a greater understanding of the illness - hopefully leading to a speedier recovery once the patient has returned home.

In addition to medical excellence we provide a safe relaxed atmosphere at the hospital, which facilitates the recovery process.

Accommodation and facilities

The environment we create for patients is as important as the treatment itself. To this end, each patient has the privacy of his or her own comfortable bedroom, with flat screen television, DVD player, telephone and en-suite facilities.

Patients are encouraged to have their meals in the main dining room, which offers an excellent choice of dishes and our chefs will be pleased to cater for any special dietary requirements.

The hospital has a number of large comfortable patient lounges, a quiet room and a games room, the Glasgow Priory Hospital also has an arrangement with local health and wellbeing provider Nuffield Health's Wellbeing & Fitness.

The hospital also has a FREE Wi-Fi network for patients to use.

For those that enjoy a country walk or to jog, the beautiful Queen’s Park is only a five minute walk from the hospital.

Visiting times

Visitors are actively encouraged within the hospital but please note visiting times are dependant on the therapeutic programme and may vary based on the clinical need of the individual.

Monday – Friday 6:00pm to 10:00pm

Saturday – Sunday 12:30pm to 10:00pm

Alternatively, visiting times outside of these hours can be arranged with the ward staff.

All visitors must sign in and out at reception and report to the nurses’ station. All visitors must leave the building no later than 10.00pm.

Why choose Priory Hospital Glasgow

1. Our expert staff

• Full time and visiting specialist consultants covering all major mental health conditions
• Dedicated therapy teams for each specialist treatment programme
• Ward doctor and nursing staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

2. Our treatment works (2011)

91% of inpatients (acute mental health) improved with an average 55% improvement rate
91% of daycare patients improved with an average 43% improvement rate

3. Excellent patient satisfaction results (2011)

98% rating for ‘overall quality of care’
99% rating for our doctors
97% of patients would recommend us

4. We offer good value for money

• Our clinical outcomes coupled with our patient satisfaction results highlight that you are in safe hands
• All our bedrooms are single en-suite, with flat screen televisions and DVD players
• Our restaurant has been awarded the ‘Healthy Eating’ award by the Scottish Consumer Council three years in a row

5. We work with patients who have a dual diagnosis

• We have the expertise to treat your primary condition be that addiction, stress or an eating disorder
• We also recognise that there may be other mental health conditions which need to be treated at the same time such as OCD, depression, PTSD or anxiety

6. Immediate access with no waiting lists

• We specialise in rapid assessments and immediate admissions
• We have no waiting lists

7. Free assessments for alcohol and drug addiction

• We offer a free assessment by a qualified addiction therapist who is also in recovery
• Our staff know your struggles and have been there but now offer qualified expert advice

8. 12 months free aftercare

• Addiction treatment programme only
• The hospital also offers weekly self help groups

9. We conduct research with the NHS

• We have worked in conjunction with NHS Tayside
• Our research has been published in leading medical journals

10. Recognised by all major private medical insurers

• We are recognised by Bupa, Axa PPP, Aviva, Cigna as well as many others
• Our admission team work closely with all the major private medical insurers


For assurance of our service quality, our most recent audit inspection by the regulator Health Improvement Scotland is available by clicking here.

Supporting charity

The Priory Hospital Glasgow is proud to support SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) and SAMH is the hospital's chosen charity organisation. Click here to visit the website.

Please call us on: 0141 530 3795 to arrange a FREE and immediate meeting with a clinician, or Text HELP to 61122 and we will contact you with further information about how we can help you.

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Susan Brimelow, Chief Inspector of Healthcare Improvement Scotland, said: “This was a positive inspection which has identified many areas where The Priory Hospital Glasgow is performing well. We found a number of robust policies and procedures in place within the hospital, and observed supportive and respectful interactions between staff and patients. Patients told us they felt respected by staff and that they always made time for them. Throughout the hospital the standard of cleanliness was very high, and we saw evidence of improvements being made as a result of patient feedback”.

Susan Brimelow - Chief Inspector, Healthcare Improvement Scotland, on the Inspection: 10th & 11th June 2014
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