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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Treatment in London

Our specialist Obssessive Compulsive and other related disorders service follows the NICE treatment guidelines. Patients can be admitted for inpatient care if their condition is too severe for outpatient treatment, or to help assist with geographical limitations.

The programme is designed to maximise understanding and engagement in the early stages of treatment. Patients are expected to conduct exposure or behavioural experiments at least three times a day, undertake homework diaries daily and complete weekly ratings of outcome. Patients receive individual therapy sessions and participate in specialised therapy groups for OCD and BDD, and compassion-focused therapy.

The Obsessional Disorders Service is also commissioned by NHS England and Care Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

Our consultant Professor David Veale is an international expert in OCD and BDD and has published both academic papers and self-help materials on these conditions.

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