Priory specialises in mental health rehabilitation and recovery for people who need stable and safe services that are situated within a broader but focused pathway of care towards rehabilitation. The service users we care for and support often come from a diverse range of services where there has been placement breakdown due to challenging behaviours. These can be service users who are:

  • Transferring from other mental health services which have struggled to deliver an improvement in outcomes
  • Stepping up from community placements
  • Moving across from acute mental health wards
  • Stepping down from a secure provision

The particular mental health rehabilitation and recovery packages of care that Priory structures around each individual adapt to their specific mental health care needs. This ensures that care planning and reviews focus on fostering the factors that contribute towards positive wellbeing and mitigating the active psychiatric symptoms that might lead to a relapse.

Following an assessment period our multidisciplinary teams will prepare a detailed, holistic and personalised plan highlighting treatment issues and the required rehabilitation pathway, within an adaptable, stable and safe environment. Care remains personalised through active engagement with the service user and their families where possible in their treatment plans, to provide increased self-care and self-confidence. Our recovery model ensures that our holistic care and support is focused on enabling service users to have as independent, healthy and enjoyable a life as possible.

We support individuals at every stage of their life, including those nearing the end of their lives. In line with ‘One Chance to Get it Right’ (Jun 2014), our knowledgeable staff understand the importance of focusing on privacy, dignity, physical health care and emotional support for the service user and their family. We treat every individual with respect and dignity, managing their health in a safe and engaging environment.

Priory’s nationwide network of specialist mental health rehabilitation services include locked facilities and step-down units to facilitate as quick and smooth a transition into local provision wherever possible. Priory also has its own network of enhanced community homes, nursing homes and supported living schemes that offer a consistent pathway of care for service users and commissioners.  Download the Rehabilitation and recovery services brochure now.

For further information on the full range of Priory services, please call: 0845 277 4679. For professionals looking to make a referral, please click here.