Approach to Treatment

Acute mental health

At the Priory, we understand the importance of delivering the most effective treatment programme according to your unique requirements. For this reason, we offer a range of engaging therapeutic programmes and creative workshops which will enable you to understand and overcome the challenges faced by your illness or condition.

Treatment is carried out on a residential, day or outpatient basis, and is flexible to meet your needs and personal circumstances. This means you may progress into a more or less intensively supportive environment as your treatment programme progresses:

Residential treatment

Residential treatment provides intensive 24-hour care and support by combining a broad range of one-to-one and group therapy sessions with rehabilitative workshops and creative classes. In addition, you will be able to undertake holistic activities such as yoga and meditation which focus on improving your physical wellbeing.

This highly structured programme focuses on recognising and addressing the triggers relating to your illness, whilst providing you with the therapeutic techniques and coping strategies to help prevent you from relapsing in the future.

Day and outpatient treatment

Day and outpatient therapy offers you flexibility in when you receive treatment with your therapist or consultant psychiatrist. These options provide a supportive environment for stepping down from the residential programme.

Family and couple therapy

We understand that any illness can have a significant impact upon those closest to you. At the Priory, we can provide dedicated family therapy groups and support groups, to help your family and friends understand more about your illness, and gain support from the shared experience of others.

This process will also help you to reintegrate with family life when you return home. In addition, couples may also undertake therapy to address any underlying issues which may have contributed towards the onset of the illness or which could act as a trigger for relapse.

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