Neuro disability case study, Oliver's* story

Following a road traffic accident, Oliver was left with a severe brain injury. After coming round from a ten week coma, he was transferred to the Priory Highbank Centre for rehabilitation. A team assessment was completed and links were made with community-based services for his future needs. His long-term rehabilitation goals included working towards a safe and efficient swallow, intelligible speech, independent mobility, continence, increasing function in the right arm and reducing his cognitive difficulties.

An interdisciplinary approach included active participation from Oliver and his family in the goals of treatment. During his time on the intensive rehabilitation unit, Oliver began to progress and his goals were amended. With supervision, he was able to go shopping for his own food and cook his own meals. He was able to take part in leisure activities, and began the transition towards discharge by spending weekends at home.

In eight months, Oliver improved immensely, increasing both his confidence and self-esteem. By the end of his inpatient rehabilitation programme he was able to eat and drink normally, wash and dress independently and interact in different social settings. Oliver's goals then centred on achieving total independence in mobility, improved clarity of speech and with the support of the community-based services, a return to employment.

* Names have been changed to protect confidentiality