Priory Healthcare offers specialist services for service users with autism and comorbid health problems through inpatient sites at The Priory Hospital Aberdare and the Keston Unit at The Priory Hospital Hayes Grove. For service users with a learning disability and additional complex needs, we can support individuals through a tailored multi-disciplinary team at our learning disability-specific inpatient services at The Priory Hospitals Church Village and Dewsbury.

Our experienced teams work with individuals that would benefit from programmes that:

  • Holistically seek to support and correct comorbid mental ill health
  • Incorporate positive behaviour support to reduce incidences of aggression and agitation

Priory Healthcare can help

We offer a nationwide network of dedicated facilities for people in need of expert care and support for Autism and additional behaviours that challenge. Our services are designed to offer tailored therapy treatment to enable each person within our care to develop social, educational and vocational skills, alongside life skills which help them to progress to a more positive future and successful independent living.

Priory Healthcare recognises its duty to provide assured services that keep service users safe. In line with our policies and procedures around safeguarding and whistleblowing, our specialist hospitals carry out a comprehensive needs assessment, risk formation, in-depth diagnostics and recommend the most appropriate treatment. A wide range of psychological therapies are offered to help develop and optimise coping strategies and social skills in a structured environment.

All the care we provide is delivered in a high standard of homely and comfortable surroundings within thriving communities. Linking into and out of our specialist hospitals, our residential homes provide high quality, supportive community living in safe, structured and positive environments. Community settings also play an important part in the integrative experience of our service users, fostering the development of appropriate social behaviours, communication and interpersonal skills whilst also providing the opportunity to access a wide range of local activities, facilities, clubs and social groups.

As individual plans unfold, these activities play a key part in the progression programmes. We also actively encourage service users to take part in various forms of exercise on-site. Such exercises can include Pilates, walking groups and exercise classes.

Our care pathway and taking the next step

Priory Helathcare provides the entire pathway of learning disability services from hospital placements through to Supported Living services in the local community. This includes our unique offer of enhanced community homes which – whilst linking into the local hospital’s multi-disciplinary team – offer service users the ability to enhance their independence in a lower-intensity setting. Our step-down offer gives our service users the choice to remain in the local area that they have become a part of, but in less intensive accommodations.

Our network of services across the Priory Group of Companies allows us to offer a flexible and multi-directional care pathway providing continuity of care, education and support for service users with an autistic spectrum condition including Asperger’s Syndrome. At the heart of our care, we follow a structured, outcome-based approach and recovery model incorporating positive behavioural intervention to support people to engage and re-integrate into community life. Our experts in positive behaviour support are nationally recognised, and our current team includes the Proact-Scipr-UK® Instructor of the Year 2014. We are also a member of the DH Positive & Safe Champions’ Network – working to reduce restrictive practices.  Download the Rehabilitation and recovery services brochure now.

For further information on the full range of our services, please call: 0845 277 4679. For professionals looking to make a referral, please click here.