Are you struggling to care for dementia patients with the most challenging behaviour? Current care pathways don’t suit patients’ specific needs, and this can leave you with a whole range of challenges to deal with, including:

  • Deteriorating patient health
  • Increasing pressure on staff
  • Breakdown of care arrangements
  • Inappropriate placements

Book a FREE training session for you and your colleagues on dementia care best practice

To help you address these problems and transform care for the patients most in need, we’ve developed a free, on-site training session. This short presentation will give you a new perspective on treatment options and outline best practice when dealing with patients.

What the session covers

The session will introduce you to the seven key areas of focus we have developed to improve care for the patients with the most challenging behaviour:

  • Person-centred care
  • Pain management
  • Physical health vigilance
  • Rationalisation of medication
  • Nutrition
  • Environment
  • Non-pharmacological interventions

We’ll also give you an introduction to the Priory Group and the services we can offer to your patients. These treatment pathways are designed not just to improve outcomes for patients, but also to relieve pressure on you and your colleagues by freeing up beds and providing long-term value.

To book a FREE session for you and your colleauges to discover dementia care best practice, call Tessa Williams on 0207 605 0926 or click here to send an email.