To make a placement, call our 24/7 referral line: 0800 090 1356 or click here to send an email.

Priory Healthcare's 24/7 Customer Service Centre

Priory Healthcare's 24/7 customer service centre, provides around the clock support for NHS mental health enquiries and referrals, demonstrating our commitment to providing the best possible mental health support to the NHS.

The call centre provides a single point of access for enquiries and referrals. Our customer referral co-ordinators will support you from your first call through to the enquiry conclusion, providing updates throughout the process.

Our service at a glance

  • Fast access to bed availability and placements
  • 24/7 crisis referrals
  • Single access point for end-to-end enquiry management

The Care we provide

Priory Healthcare has structured its services to align with NHS provision; ensuring a consistent approach to treatment. We understand that some service users require a very specific care pathway. Our NHS service pathways exist to address this unmet need.

Whilst this approach is applied across all of our services, it is best exemplified by the care we provide to services users through the following pathways:

For information about our Welsh NHS services: click here

The care we provide is part of an overall service user pathway and we are therefore always delighted to work closely with NHS providers to make referrals, transfers and discharges as safe and seamless as possible. We always welcome NHS commissioners to visit our facilities to see the environment and meet the staff, witness the care your service users will receive and see for yourselves our commitment to person-centred, outcomes-focused care.

Our teams work closely with commissioners and referrers across the country to provide transparent pricing models and evidence-based care packages along every stage of the service user’s journey with us.

Please work your way through the website to learn more about Priory Healthcare's approach to the above services.

For further information on the full range of our services, please call: 0800 090 1356. For professionals looking to make a referral, please click here