Changes to Priory Healthcare and Partnerships in Care branding

From 3rd April a number of changes will come into effect regarding the branding of sites across the expanded Priory Group network. There will be no impact on the services delivered or care for the patients placed in our hands. There will however, be changes to the branding of certain sites.

Partnerships in Care is a trusted partner of the NHS in delivering clinically effective, evidence-based treatment programmes for adult service users who require secure care, which provide both physical and psychological security. We want to continue building on this history by keeping the PiC brand. Therefore all hospitals delivering secure services and their associated pathways will continue to be branded as Partnerships in Care, offering a nationwide network of over 20 locations.

The remainder of Partnerships in Care services will services will move into Priory Healthcare brand from 3rd April, providing a nationwide network of over 65 locations offering a full range of Mental Health services to the NHS.

To view a list of all services within both the Priory Healthcare and Partnerships in Care network, please see below...

If you have any questions, or would like to the discuss services offered by Priory Healthcare and Partnerships in Care then please call 0800 840 3219.