Priory CAMHS Pathways

The Priory Group, including Priory Adult Care, work closely with community healthcare professionals and commissioners to provide a stable and safe environment for the young person as part of a seamlessly integrated care pathway, outlined below. This ensures accessible psychological expertise, continuity of care and the delivery of positive and measurable outcomes. The young person may enter and leave the pathway at any point depending on their individual needs.

Priory Pathways CAMHS

CAMHS psychiatric intensive care unit (PICU)

Young people who have been detained under the Mental Health Act and require a more structured and secure environment can be treated within our PICU. The units are suitable for young people who pose a significant risk to themselves or others, and may also be likely to abscond.

CAMHS high dependency unit (HDU)

The high dependency units offer a more secure environment with greater levels of nursing intervention than our acute inpatient facilities. The units are suitable for young people who demonstrate very challenging or emotionally unstable behaviour.

CAMHS young people unit (YPU)

The young person will live in the YPU for a period of time. All treatment programmes aim to improve the mental well being of the young person and deliver a holistic service that considers the emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social needs. The individual will take part in educational programmes and meaningful vocational training course tailored to needs and abilities. Regular access to local community leisure facilities is also provided. 

Priory Education and Children's Services

For children and young people with severe social, emotional and behavioural difficulties or complex mental health issues, receiving a meaningful education which delivers positive outcomes can be a challenge. We offer seamless access to child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS), and are able to utilise the expertise of our CAMHS professionals across the UK to deliver leading mental healthcare alongside outstanding education and care.

Our proven track record of re-engaging young people with education and learning is key to their progress, individual success and their inclusion within society.

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Priory Adult Care's “Supporting You” services

Young people can progress through our care pathway within the Priory Group, developing their levels of independence and, where appropriate, transfer seamlessly to a supported living model delivered by our domiciliary care agency, “Supporting You”, which is registered with CQC, The Care Inspectorate and CSSIW. This model operates across England, Scotland and Wales and is key to further developing the levels of independence of our service users in their own home.

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