Priory Complex Care Pathways

The Priory Group, including Priory Adult Care, work closely with relevant community healthcare professionals and commissioners to provide a stable and safe environment for the service user as part of a seamlessly integrated care pathway, outlined below. This ensures accessible psychological expertise, continuity of care and the delivery of positive and measurable outcomes. The individual may enter and leave the pathway at any point depending on their individual needs.

Complex care pathway diagram 

Complex care inpatient service

Following an assessment period our multidisciplinary teams will prepare a detailed, holistic and personalised plan highlighting treatment issues and the required rehabilitation pathway, within an adaptable, stable and safe environment.

Transitional living unit

The unit is suitable for those who are almost ready to be discharged to a community setting but would like to, or would benefit from a period in a supported setting to trial their newly developed skills.

Complex care rehabilitation

Depending on individual need, service users are supported and empowered to engage in their treatment programme. Programmes are regularly reviewed to ensure the service user is progressing towards their overall goals. Service users will be supported to become more active in the local area through voluntary work experience, college and provided with the opportunities to practice their daily living skills, become more independent in their medication management and are offered necessary psychological therapies.

Individuals are supported at every stage of their life including those nearing the end of their lives. We treat every individual with respect and dignity managing their physical and mental health in a safe, comfortable and engaging environment.

Acute inpatient service

Our acute inpatient services aim to stabilise mental health, reduce behaviours that challenge and work closely with the referring teams to enable transition back to life outside the hospital environment or as part of the care pathway to other care environments.

Priory Adult Care's supported residential services

Priory Adult Care provide a range of specialist services including support for people with learning disabilities, autism, complex needs and mental health issues. We can provide continued support for those who require residential care, with the view of stepping down to a more independent environment, where possible. We provide a seamless pathway from our hospitals within the Priory Group while maximising the potential to make a transition to more independent living.

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Priory Adult Care's “Supporting You” services

Service users can progress through our care pathway within The Priory Group, developing their levels of independence and, where appropriate, transfer seamlessly to a supported living model delivered by our domiciliary care agency, “Supporting You”, which is registered with CQC, The Care Inspectorate and CSSIW. This model operates across England, Scotland and Wales and is key to further developing the levels of independence of our service users in their own home.

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