Priory Secure Services Pathways

The Priory Group of Companies, including Craegmoor, work closely with relevant community healthcare professionals and commissioners to provide a stable and safe environment for the service user as part of a seamlessly integrated care pathway, outlined below.  This ensures accessible psychological expertise, continuity of care and the delivery of positive and measurable outcomes.  The individual may enter and leave the pathway at any point depending on their individual needs.

Medium secure service 

The care and treatment provided within our medium secure services aims to reduce the level of symptoms, reduce a service user’s risk to self and others, gain insight into their illness, address the offending behaviour and look at how to cope with it. The service user will engage in therapeutic activity, improve their physical health and plan their care within a shared pathway. 

Low secure service

Within our low secure services, service users are supported and empowered to improve and enhance their daily living and social skills, improve their problem skills, engage in vocational rehabilitation and fully engage in the psychological programme. They may work towards independence and autonomy in preparation for their transition into the community. Care and treatment is provided with an emphasis on recovery, focusing on service user strengths and needs.

Locked rehab inpatient service

Active rehabilitation is provided for the service user in a safe and therapeutic environment encouraging self care, involvement in community projects, self moderation and self catering. The service user may complete an offence related programme and take part in voluntary or paid employment.

Step down supported living

Service users are able to live independently whilst a support network is maintained.

Craegmoor “Supporting You” services

Craegmoor provides a range of specialist domiciliary services including support for people who have stepped down from a secure environment. Service users can progress through our care pathway within the Priory Group of Companies, developing their levels of independence and, where appropriate, transfer seamlessly to a supported living model delivered by our domiciliary care agency, “Supporting You”, which is registered with CQC, The Care Inspectorate and CSSIW. This model operates across England, Scotland and Wales and is key to further developing the levels of independence of our service users in their own home.

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