Information for GPs and referrers

Welcome to Priory’s online resource for GPs and other professionals. It contains a wide range of useful tools and information including:

  • Fast access to assessment and treatment
  • 24/7 access for crisis referrals
  • A one-stop referral management service
  • No obligation advice on patients requiring mental health treatment

To make a referral, please click hereAlternatively you can email us or fax 0844 770 6206.

Referral process

  1. Complete the online referral form, including the patient’s contact details
  2. A unique reference number is generated for each enquiry
  3. Our case manager will contact the patient directly and check appointment availability with the most appropriate Priory specialist for that patient
  4. Once the appointment has been accepted by the patient, the referral will be automatically sent to the relevant Priory clinician
  5. The appointment is then confirmed directly between the patient and clinician
  6. GP will receive confirmation from Priory when the time, date, location and clinician involved has been agreed with the patient

For further information on the referral process, please email us or call our 24/7 GP support line on 0800 090 1354.