Crisis care and support

Priory provides the best possible support and care for people experiencing a mental health crisis. Our private services offer immediate admission across our nationwide network of hospitals, under the care of leading consultant psychiatrists.

Our team will quickly stabilise a person’s condition, then deliver expert treatment in a dedicated and therapeutic environment. Priory is uniquely placed to provide therapy and support from the point of crisis admission through to ongoing outpatient therapy, if required.

Alongside inpatient treatment, we also offer an intensive day care programme for people well enough to stay at home, but who require ongoing medical and therapy input on a daily basis.

Last year our inpatient mental health services treated over 3500 individuals, consistently delivering the best possible results and changing the lives of those in our care.

Priory offers a nationwide network of private mental health and addiction treatment centres, all of which can be accessed through GP referral. To make a referral call: 0800 090 1354 or click here to use our secure form: click here