How to refer

To refer a patient to Priory simply fill in our online referral form please click here.

Alternatively, you can send us the referral information by:

Your referral will go directly to a dedicated GP case manager. Please ensure that you include the patient’s contact details on the referral, and the case manager will contact your patient within an hour during working hours.

On receipt of the referral, the case manager will check appointment availabilities with the nearest appropriate Priory service and offer these to the patient. 

GP communication

We understand the importance of keeping you informed.  Our team provide clear feedback on each patient that is referred to us, from the start of the referral process through to end of treatment.

Managing the process

Our dedicated GP Enquiries Team is on hand to advise you on any specific patient, treatment or referral enquiry, ensuring a smooth and simple process for you and your patient.

To get in touch please call: 0800 090 1354

Alternatively you can email

Supporting you

Priory is dedicated to supporting GPs and other healthcare professionals, helping you to develop your knowledge of mental health.  

Our hospitals and Wellbeing Centres offer regular GP educational seminars on the various therapies, treatments, conditions and developments in mental health.

Our specialists can provide on-site support at your practice and we can place a resident Priory therapist to offer their expertise in your practice.

Priory offers a nationwide network of private mental health and addiction treatment centres, all of which can be accessed through GP referral. To make a referral call: 0800 090 1354 or click here to use our secure form: click here