Payment and medical insurance: the process

Priory is an approved provider for all of the UK’s leading private medical insurers. Most outpatient therapy services are covered as standard by the majority of insurers, so your patients may be able to access treatment at no additional cost. 

Self pay options

Priory offer personalised and accessibly-priced treatment packages for individuals who are looking to self-pay for treatment.

GP Mental healthcare PMI payment informatoinTherapy costs start from £104 per hour at our Wellbeing Centres and patients can pay directly for treatment.

Before beginning any treatment programme we always outline the recommended therapy approach, the proposed number of treatment sessions and the costs of the package of support. As the treatment we offer is tailored according to need, the costs of each package of support can vary.

Has your patient got medical insurance?

If you have established that your patient requires mental health support, it is worth asking if they have private medical insurance at this point. Many people don’t realise that their insurance covers treatment for mental health conditions.

What is the process?

If your patient has private medical insurance, a GP referral is required before undergoing treatment. Please pass the referral onto your patient who can then liaise directly with their insurer.

Making a referral:

To refer a patient to Priory, simply fill in our online referral form.

Alternatively direct the referral to any of the contact details below:

  • Send an email click here
  • Tel: 0800 090 1354
  • Fax: 0207 605 0911

If you have a query about the process, or would like further information on the services offered, please call our GP Enquiries Team on: 0800 090 1354.

Priory outcomes

When your patient books with Priory this is when the insurance policy details will be requested, so pre-authorisation can be agreed with the insurance provider.

If you would prefer to refer your patient to a specific consultant or have any questions, please inform us when referring your patient.

NHS Choose and Book

Once a patient has received your referral, they now have the option to select where they have treatment via the NHS Choose and Book system.

Priory is an approved provider and all of our services can be found on the system. 

Priory offers a nationwide network of private mental health and addiction treatment centres, all of which can be accessed through GP referral. To make a referral call: 0800 090 1354 or click here to use our secure form: click here