Delivering immediate patient access to high quality mental health support at your GP practice

Priory offers immediate access to a nationwide network of private mental health and addiction treatment centres, and we are looking to expand our offering to additional locations. If you have any space at your practice and would like to offer this service to your patients we would like to discuss the opportunity and related financial arrangements with you. It will enable your patients to get into high quality therapy treatment and avoid delays caused by waiting lists.

If you have any questions or require any further details regarding Priory locations or services then please call our dedicated enquiry line on: 0808 278 0097.

Working in Partnership

GP Mental healthcare PMI payment informatoinIAPT can offer a good service to a percentage of patients requiring treatment for mild to moderate conditions. On average patients wait three months before their first appointment. This can have an impact on those who would benefit from immediate help. Priory provides services within a number of GP practices, bringing specialist assessment and treatment to the local community, in the familiarity of the practice environment. This service is also more convenient for patients who may otherwise need to travel to their nearest Priory or NHS outpatient facility.

Using Private Medical Insurance

Along with self-pay patients, we also provide therapy to those with Private Medical Insurance, as most policies cover mental health treatment. This ensures your patients can receive immediate attention, which also reduces pressure on local IAPT waiting times.

  • Immediate and convenient access to Priory accredited specialists
  • Specialist mental health expertise on site for your team
  • Gateway into full psychiatric assessment or treatment if required
  • For those patients whose situation escalates or require immediate support, Priory will be able to manage their situation through our wider network of services
  • Working in partnership with the UK’s leading independent mental health provider

Our specialists can provide on-site support at your practice and we can place a resident Priory therapist to offer their expertise in your practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the practice need to do to support this initiative?

The GP Practice will agree to display marketing literature promoting this service. Priory will also be allowed to refer central web enquiries to the on-site service.

What does Priory provide?

Priory will deliver the service and model, supply the sta, and provide supervision/governance. We will also provide the practice reception with appointment times.

How often can the service be offered within the practice?

This can be agreed on a case by case basis. A review of mental health incidents within your practice will help determine the right level of cover. After a trial period we can assess the viability of a longer term arrangement.

How many therapy sessions on average do patients need?

This will vary for each patient, but for those with mild to moderate difficulties the average number of sessions is between 6 and 10.

How much is treatment likely to cost my patients?

We oer a range of affordable treatment and therapy options. Therapy costs start from £100 per hour, although for those patients with private medical insurance, they are likely to be able to access our services through their policy.

What is the financial model for such an arrangement?

Different models can be applied according to the needs of the practice and its local population, and we are happy to discuss these options with you further.

How will the practice-delivered service link with other Priory facilities within the region?

Following assessment, the GP and their patient whose needs cannot be met by the onsite therapist, will be provided with details of the relevant Priory facilities within the local area.

Priory offers a nationwide network of private mental health and addiction treatment centres, all of which can be accessed through GP referral. For any general enquiries, please contact us on: 0808 278 0097Alternatively, to email our enquiry team: click here.