Priory Secure Services bed availability

Updated: Tuesday 10th July 2018, 12.10

Priory delivers clinically effective, evidence-based treatment programmes for individuals who require secure care, which provides both physical and psychological security.

We provide free assessments which can be carried out by a senior clinician, usually within 24 hours of an enquiry. Same day admission can also be facilitated and all our secure hospitals have specific admission criteria relevant to the service and support that they offer.

Our current bed availability

Central & South West

Site Security Level Male
Female Sub-speciality
Burston House  Low  4    Learning Disability

Kneesworth House
 Low  2  4  Male Mental Health - Female Mental Health / Personality Disorder
 Medium  2    Mental Health / Learning Disability / Personality Disorder

Llanarth Court
 Low  4    Learning Disability / Mental Health / Older age / 18-65
 Medium  4  4  Mental Health / Personality Disorder
Oaktree Manor  Low  4  1  Male Autistic Spectrum Disorder / Learning Disability / Learning Disability forensic - Female Learning Disability
St John's House  Low    1  Learning Disability
 Medium  2  3  Learning Disability
Suttons Manor  Low  4    Older Adults Mental Health/Personality Disorder
Ty Catrin  Low  4  4  Personality Disorder / Mental Health / 3 step down flats
Ty Cwm Rhondda  Low  4    Mental Health


Site Security Level Male Female Sub-speciality
Ayr Clinic  Low  4  0  Mental Health / Personality Disorder
Calverton Hill  Medium  4  4  Male Learning Disability - Female Mental Health
East Midlands  Low     3 Mental Health / Personality Disorder 
Hazelwood House  Low  1    Learning Disability
Kemple View  Low  0    Mental Health / Older Adult Mental Health / Personality Disorder / Sex offending
Meadow View  Low  4    Mental Health
Stockton Hall  Medium  1  1  Mental Health / Personality Disorder / Autistic Spectrum Disorder / Learning Disability


Site Security Level Male Female Sub-speciality
Avesbury House  Low  0   Mental Health

The Dene
 Low    4  Personality Disorder / Mental Health
 Medium    4  Personality Disorder / Mental Health
Mildmay Oaks  Low  4    Learning Disability
North London Clinic
 Low  0    Mental Health
 Medium  4    Mental Health

Referrals and admissions

For more information on Priory Secure Services click here

To make a placement, call our 24/7 referral line on 0800 840 3219 or click here

Alternatively admissions can be arranged by telephoning the appropriate hospital directly.