Public sector partnerships

85% of our services are funded by public sector organisations such as the NHS and local authorities. Our teams work closely with commissioners and referrers across the country to provide transparent pricing models and evidence-based care packages along every stage of the service user’s journey with us.

Listening to what commissioners tell us

A recent piece of research with commissioners within the NHS* highlighted to us that the main factors impacting upon their decision when placing a service user with an independent provider (in order of importance) are:

  • Treatment outcomes and consistency in treatment
  • Customisation of treatment to service users’ needs
  • Quality and frequency of communication, including planning around discharge
  • Partnership working with the NHS
  • The quality of the provider’s facilities
  • The quality of the provider’s staff, including the reputation of consultants
  • Value for money and flexibility in pricing

We constantly work to ensure all of these factors continue to be built into the services and the partnerships that we offer commissioners and referrers across all divisions of our group.

Responsive and collaborative

The Priory Group has the experience, expertise and infrastructure to respond swiftly to new service developments, via collaboration and partnership or competitive tender. Our robust clinical governance, safeguarding and quality assurance frameworks assure public sector purchasers of the highest operational standards and rigorous performance management and monitoring.

100% of our facilities are subject to internal and external auditing inspections. Priory Group has a robust structure both nationally and locally for managing safeguarding, with an executive lead for safeguarding on the board, and each service line having nominated individuals responsible for safeguarding across all regions.

* Research conducted in 2012 for the Priory Group by an independent research company.