Carole Willis

Therapy Services Manager

The Priory Hospital Hayes Grove (staff)

Prestons Road

Location telephone: 020 8462 7722

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Consultant telephone: 020 8462 7722

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Carole Willis

Services offered

After starting at the Priory at Ticehurst in early 2002 as an OTA Carole Willis was recommended to train as a counsellor, she then completed a BTEC course to train as an Addiction Therapist with Priory's own in house training at Bristol Priory in 2004.  Carole then help set up the ATP programme at Ticehurst and became the lead therapist. When the unit closed in 2011 she lead the ATP team at Hayes Grove, in 2012 was promoted to Therapy Services Manager of Cedar Therapy at Hayes Grove.

BTEC Diploma in Addiction Therapy